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Shattered Dreams

Oh my God, I was so psyched when I read Swoosie Kurtz was guest-starring as an old friend of Angela's, but it's even better than I thought, because the opening shot shows her reading Ronald Reagan's memoirs. Ha! She's sitting in a restaurant, and when Angela joins her, she's startled by the fact that she resembles a drowned rat. "You look like you've been mugged, and the first thing they stole was your dignity." Hee. Nice to meet someone who can make Angela feel small. Angela admits that she's having a bad day, and Swoosie tells her she doesn't know from bad days, as "people with badges" detained her for three hours that morning, and they even interrupted her Pilates session! She pointedly goes on that they had all kinds of questions about the company she keeps, "or kept," and clutches her glass of wine as she says she's in no mood to be ambushed. Angela, however, doesn't engage in any kind of verbal dancing, telling "Millie" that she's in trouble, and Swoosie says she knows she wasn't the same after Arthur died, but wonders what it is she did to get in such hot water. "Is it pills? And can I have some?" Part of that may have been implied. Angela says she dug her sons a very deep hole, and she's trying to rectify that. She tells Swoosie she could use a change of clothes, a car, and whatever cash she's got on her, as she needs to disappear. Swoosie: "You want my advice?" Angela: "No." Heh. Swoosie, however, doesn't hear that as she counsels Angela to turn herself in: "Just because there's a road unfurling in front of you doesn't mean you have to take it!" Genuinely saddened by her friend's apparent disinterest and probably more broadly by the fact she really has no one to whom to turn, Angela tells Swoosie it was nice to see her, but Swoosie, seemingly cottoning on in the eleventh hour to how desperate Angela really is, uncomfortably gives her a couple hundred bucks, which is all the cash she's got on her. Angela thanks her, and helps herself to her umbrella on the way out, which isn't going to do much to change Swoosie's impression of her as a thief.

With her son in her arms, Janice tells Hiro and Ando to leave, as she's called the police. However, when Ando asks if she knows that her baby is "special," Janice looks guilty, and after closing the door, tells them that it started during the eclipse, "just like it did with his dad," like, DON'T GET ME STARTED WITH THAT but I'll give Bryan Fuller a pass on a lot of things, in case I'm being too subtle about that. Janice asks if they're there because of what Matt Sr. did, and Hiro says yes without having the faintest idea what she's talking about because he is still very often an idiot, so she has to get Matt Jr. to turn on the TV, which is showing a news clip of Matt's supposed attack on the Capitol Building. She says she came straight home after she saw the story on the news, and didn't that start two episodes ago? If they keep having chapters that last approximately a week, the characters are not going to appear to age well. As they watch the story, Ando and Hiro explain about the government conspiracy and warn Janice that they're coming for her son, and just like that, there's a knock at the door. Hiro thinks it must be the police responding to Janice's call, but, eyes wide, she confesses: "I never called the police." That would be a DUN!...

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