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Shattered Dreams

Tracy gets to the appointed locker at Union Station and finds some new ID for her inside. She takes a breath, probably already having misgivings about the setup, but those increase a hundredfold when Micah reveals himself to her and tells her he's Rebel. She takes him aside, and after he goes on that he thought they could help people together, she confesses her real play here. He's obviously disappointed, not understanding how she could do that to anyone, but tells her he was prepared for her to be followed, and uses his phone to send a fake warning about an emergency gas leak, which gets announced over the station's PA system. The two of them then disappear through a door that looks like it leads down a long corridor, which should give Micah plenty of time to tell his aunt how amazingly disappointed he is in her.

The rain has stopped, which is too bad for Angela, because there's nothing to block three agents catching a clear view of her face as they approach her on the sidewalk. She does a one-eighty but sees three more coming from the other direction, so she ducks into the commercial building right next to her, ignoring the doorman's attempts to get her attention. I'm sure that's not the first time she's failed to pay the help any mind. The agents quickly pursue her, but she manages to get in the elevator, shooting eye rays of death at them even as they draw their guns. The elevator doors close right before they reach her, but some commandos join the agents and get to work on the elevator's control panel. I'm not sure what Angela's plan is here -- you'd think she might anticipate what's coming and hop out -- but she could just be hoping to buy as much time as possible. However, the commandos get the elevator moving back down, and when Angela realizes it, her face gives in to resignation and genuine fear. However, just as the elevator is about to get to the lobby, she hears a thud on top of the car...

...and when the doors open, Angela has her arms around Peter. YES! That ruled, because I didn't expect him to show up and help her, much less this close to the end of the episode. The agents cock their guns, but Peter just curls his lip sardonically and flies his mother straight up through the door in top of the car. The camera moves to show an awesome shot of them heading up into the sky before we head into the last commercial break.

As they pedeconference, Tracy excitedly compliments Micah on being so prepared, even speculating that he must have been a Boy Scout, but Micah snits that Boy Scouts are also trustworthy, which is something she obviously knows nothing about. She admits she's not proud of herself, but gets less so when he calls her on having gotten into politics to protect the civil liberties of the everyday American. Tracy gasps in shock: "God, you read my bio?" Hee. It's every politician's worst nightmare -- a constituent that pays attention. Micah says that he read everything on her and thought that meant he knew her, and for a kid that's so ridiculously tech-savvy, he sure doesn't know much about the internet. He goes on that she's nothing like Niki, who was an everyday American and also a hero. As they walk through a parking garage, he asks what side she's on, and the ensuing sound of squealing tires lets us know she's going to have to give a meaningful answer to that question without delay. The two of them hide behind some parked cars, but fear is all over Tracy's face as she sees the phalanx of agents headed their way. However, her eyes then dart up to the sprinklers, and she asks Micah if he can tell them what to do. He says that he can tell the fire alarm to tell the sprinklers what to do, and while I appreciate the clarification, the time constraints of the situation would have allowed me to accept a simple "Yes." She has him turn them on, and once the place is good and wet, she tells him to find a way out. He asks her to come with him, but she says she can't, and the smile on her face shows that she's quickly made her peace with what she's about to do. It's a testament to the directing and the writing in this episode that this rather abrupt character change plays as believable, I have to say, and Tracy tells Micah, "Keep doing what you're doing, Rebel," before shooing him on his way. Before he disappears, though, she cautions him to "stay ahead of the ice." Oh, this is going to be good. The action slows down as Tracy emerges from her hiding place and approaches her assailants, and once they've tightly surrounded her, she closes her eyes and freezes the entire scene in a spectacular effect. We see Micah making it safely through a door just before the ice reaches him, and once Tracy observes that, we then get a closeup of her eye going milky and frozen and a last exhalation before she turns entirely to ice. Obviously, she might have tried a different approach that would have at least given her a chance to escape, but she chose the path of self-sacrifice, making sure both that Micah would get away and that she wouldn't be taken alive. In fact, not only did she have an amazing death, like Niki did, she died to save someone else, also as Niki did. You know Ali Larter's coming back as Barbara, though. Anyway, Danko, who wasn't in the garage for the ice storm, now has made his way through the Arctic tableau to Tracy's frozen statue, and he draws his gun, puts it right to her heart, and pulls the trigger. Micah stops running for a moment, probably knowing what he just heard, and Tracy falls to pieces, and I just wonder if Danko's sick enough to mix Tracy into his next highball. Bennet joins Danko, unable to conceal the emotions on his face, and breathes, "She said she had a hell of a cold snap." Danko asks if there's any sign of Rebel, but Bennet says no, so Danko leaves without another word, and Bennet looks horribly bummed as Tracy's remains start to flow into the storm drain.

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