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Shattered Dreams

Hiro arrives at the airport, with everyone on the scene frozen in time, and since when do his powers reach this far and for this long? I mean, it's pretty funny to see Ando still immobilized in the wheelbarrow, but that kid must pack a bigger punch than I thought. Either that, or Hiro unwittingly got some fallout from Ando's use of his jazz hands earlier. Anyway, Hiro steals a bottle from a mother (I'm guessing) who's feeding her kid, and I guess he's got to do what he's got to do, but in this era of pumps I hope Matt Jr. doesn't get too attached to breast milk that didn't come from his mom. Speaking of whom, Hiro assures Baby Matt that he'll see his mother again when this is all over, and she'll be very proud of him. He goes on that he hasn't cried once, "but if you want to cry, it's okay." It is heartening when they give Masi Oka something interesting to do. Anyway, with this message delivered, Hiro unfreezes time, and they amusingly don't forget to show the woman get a "Where the hell did that bottle go?" expression on her face before Hiro explains what happened to Ando. He goes on that now they have to save Baby Matt's dad: "Time is once again on our side..."

...which leads to a nice cut to Daphne, subtly ironic given that we don't know what's up with her yet. She's back in Paris, sitting on a metal beam that's part of a neon sign on a rooftop and looking out at the Eiffel Tower across the night sky, when Matt finds her. She notes that he got there awfully quickly, and he tells her he flew. She asks what he means, and by way of answering, he floats up into the air. She smiles and says she didn't know he could fly, and I'd tell her to join the club but that's going to be a moot point in a moment. She steps onto his feet and they float up into the night, but after a quick montage of them flying around, she asks him to let her go. He feigns confusion, but she says they must still be in the hospital, and he's obviously using his power to give her a happy ending because she's about to die. He tells her he's sorry, but she's not -- she just thinks he deserves the real thing someday. His voice breaks as he says he wanted to make her happy, and she smiles as she tells him he did. She asks him to fly her to the moon, and they zip off into the sky...

...but their smoke trail fades into a flatline on her heart monitor. Mohinder at least has returned to console the grieving Matt, although he might secretly be happy that his competition's gone. Seriously, though, bye, Daphne -- I liked you, even though your relationship with Matt was frustrating and creepy, as even you knew. If you'll forgive the expression: Godspeed.

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