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We switch to Claire, alive and well and sitting on the Pantheon stairs. Jock the Rapist exits practice with his buddies and sees her sitting there. He asks her what she's doing there so late and she lies and says she was making banners for spirit week and that Jackie the Cheertator was going to give her a ride but she left without her. She asks him for a lift and he says sure. She asks him if he drives a stick shift and when he kind of nods, she asks him if she can drive. They head off to the car.

Claire's driving far too fast for her own good as she starts questioning Jock the Rapist about what happened the night of the bonfire. She thinks it's a little weird that neither one of them remember what happened. "Must've been some night," is all he'll say. "Yeah," she sneers. "Must have." She runs a red light and he cautions her to slow down. "Whoops!" she says. "You know how to drive a stick shift, don't you?" he says, cluing into the fact that she's driving like Mario Andretti. "There's [sic] a lot of things I know," she says. "Like what you did to me." Instead of begging her forgiveness, Jock the Rapist just starts spewing out a litany of crap about how SHE came onto him and begged HIM to kiss her and somehow it's his fault. Claire calls him a liar, and he just denies it.

"You wanted it as bad as I did!" he scums at her. That's not a verb, BUT IT SHOULD BE. He tries to stop the car, but Claire's in control. "Did I want it as bad as Laurie Trammel?" she says. "Laurie Trammel was a slut," he says. "Is that what you're gonna say about me?" she asks. "I already do," he says. And that's when Claire realizes that Jock isn't just a Rapist, he's a SERIAL Rapist. "You should let it go, Claire," he smarms. "There's nothing you can do about it." Oh, but you see, there IS Mr. Rapist Scumbucket! And Claire's about to do it. "I can do this," she says, and drives directly into the wall of a building as Jock the Serial Rapist just screams and screams and screams.

Meanwhile, ikiN and Nathan are sleeping off their night of hot hero sex. Bad Glasses Man appears at the end of their bed (CREEPY!) and tells Creepy Bald Guy of Silence to "just take the one." Which "one" he means, we don't find out, but Creepy Bald Guy of Silence moves over to Nathan's side of the bed, so I'm guessing it ain't Niki.

Back in the Subway of Love, Peter slams his hand against the glass and tries to get out. But nothing happens. Suddenly, there are footsteps on the roof of the train car. Peter panics a bit, but there's nowhere for him to go. He turns slowly and... there is Hiro, only he doesn't look like himself at all! His hair is slicked back, he's wearing all black and what looks like a Matrix sort of cape. He looks like Jackie Chan crossed with Neo. He's Neo Chan! Ha! Hiro steps forward and says, "Peter Petrelli" in completely unaccented English. "How is this happening?" asks Peter. "I'm sorry if I scared you," says Hiro. It should be noted that he has what looks like a sword or staff or something strapped across his back. ["He's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! It all makes sense!" -- Joe R] "You look different without your scar," says Hiro. "I don't know you, buddy," says Peter. "Not yet," says Hiro. "My name is Hiro Nakamura. I'm from the future. I've a message for you."

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