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Heroes Here, Heroes There, Heroes Everywhere!

Matt continues to fight against his restraints as he tells them he's a cop. "Everything you see," says BGM, "by tomorrow, it won't matter." He pats Matt on the shoulder and walks off. "Who's 'Claire'?" asks Matt. Oops. Shhh, Matt. We don't talk about Claire while we're at work. BGM turns. "You're further along than we thought," he says to Matt. He tells Creepy Bald Guy of Silence to "go deep" and "clean [Matt] out." CBGS moves forward, kisses the "S" symbol around his neck, and puts his hand down directly on top of Matt's face. There's a flash of white light and then we're in Vegas, baby, VEGAS!

Hiro and Ando are just arriving. They seem to be at the Luxor. I guess. I've only been there once, and I was most certainly drunk at the time, so they could be at the damn Sahara for all I know. There are palm trees indoors, though, so I'm guessing the Luxor. Ando asks Hiro if he's called Isaac and Hiro says he left a message in Japanese. "I need to learn how to say, 'You're going to die in five weeks... then New York will explode' in English." Ando repeats this phrase in near-perfect English and says that he'll teach it to Hiro phonetically. Someone wins at the slots nearby, and Ando runs off to get lucky at the tables. Hiro reluctantly follows him and passes Niki and Micah as he goes. There's a swooshing sound as they pass, but they don't seem to notice it.

Niki and Micah enter the inner lair of Linderman. Only Linderman appears to be a glamorous woman with a bitchy expression on her face. She tells Niki that it'd be best if Micah waited outside, and Niki sends him off with a henchman after they gently touch foreheads. He's totally got superpowers, y'all. The woman, whom I'm going to call "Pinky Tuscadero" because I feel like being silly right now, tells Niki that Linderman is willing to forgive Niki's debt completely if she just does a teeny-weeny little favor for him. Pinky Tuscadero tells her that there's a politician arriving from New York who wants some help from Linderman. "We're looking for a little... insurance from our investment." Niki looks disgusted and annoyed when she says, "I'm not a whore." "I think we've established what you are," says Pinky Tuscadero.

There's another bright flash of light, and we get the title card telling us that we're at Chapter Four: Collision. Only this time, the title seems to be appearing on Claire's naked chest as a scalpel splits it in half. Oh, that's just gross. And yet totally cool at the same time. The coroner peels back Claire's skin and records, "Jane Doe. Roughly sixteen years of age, pulled out of Red River Creek at approximately 4:00 AM this morning. She was naked and dragged, likely in an attempt to hide the body. Secondary injuries are post mortem." Oh, Christ on an ocean cruiser -- Jock the Rapist actually DRAGGED her somewhere? That is just sick. I hate him so very much. At this point, the coroner pulls the chicken leg branch out of Claire's skull, and we see that the part of the branch that was in her head is about six inches long. Damn. The coroner drops it into a steel basin as Claire's skin closes up around the wound without the coroner noticing. "Appears to be the victim of homicide, possibly accidental." Accidental MY ASS.

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