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Heroes Here, Heroes There, Heroes Everywhere!

More bright light, and then we do a swoop of New York, very Spider-Man-like, and wind up with Peter and Simone, post-coitus. Peter's playing with Simone's hair, and she wakes up and smiles at him. "Last night," he says, "before we kissed... you, uh, made a toast." Simone repeats her toast. "To love. May we stay away from it when it's no good to us." Peter starts to ask if she was talking about him, but she cuts him off at the pass and says she wasn't. Clearly. Seeing as they're naked and all. Peter mentions her and Isaac, and Simone immediately turns over in the bed, obviously not wanting to talk about it. The door buzzer rings, and Peter kisses her and tells her there's coffee in the kitchen before he gets up to answer the door. Aw. He's cute AND he makes coffee! I might need to marry him immediately.

Peter opens the door and Nathan's outside. "You think this is one big joke, don't you Pete?" asks Nathan. Peter steps outside and gently closes the door behind him. Nathan says that Peter's "buddy" Suresh came by the campaign office and talked about mind-reading and spontaneous regeneration. Peter asks how Chandra Suresh found him and Nathan shoves Suresh's book at him. "You tell me." Peter's all, what? You think I called him? Nathan's all, please. I've got trained professionals to do that. Which... what? So his trained professionals called Suresh? That line makes no sense. Simone calls out to Peter from inside the apartment, asking him where the mugs are. Nathan knocks the door open and we see Simone in Peter's shirt, looking for mugs in the kitchen. Peter tells her where they are and returns to his brother as Simone tries to hide her nakedness.

Peter shuts the door, and Nathan offers him an envelope full of money. Lord. He needs Peter to disappear for awhile. "You're becoming a liability," he says. Peter shoves the envelope back at his brother and enters the apartment. Nathan walks off. Inside, Simone's already dressed in her red outfit from the night before. She apologizes and says she's opening a new show of Isaac's paintings at the gallery. She looks pained. "It's Isaac," she says. "It's his whole, 'I can paint the future' thing." "What if he can?" asks Peter. "Paint the future, I mean. Stranger things, right?" Simone says that's as strange as it gets. Oh, if she only knew. She hands over the coffee mug she's been drinking from, and Peter just says she should take it and bring it back when she returns later that night. Um, it's a COFFEE MUG, Peter, not a t-shirt! God, sometimes this dialogue is so awful. Simone says that she doesn't know what they have going right now, and she just got out of a two-year relationship that was very destructive. She's confused. Peter says he doesn't want to be the rebound guy. "I just need time to catch my breath," she says. "Before you take it away again, okay?" Aw. They kiss.

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