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Vegas. Ando is staring down a roulette wheel as Hiro walks up and says that he's gambled enough. Hiro asks where his chips are, and Ando says they're all on twenty-six black. Hiro's all, dude? All our money? It's on that damn twenty-six black? He goes to grab the bet back and the roulette dealer slaps his hand. As the ball spins, Hiro makes a choice. He concentrates and stops time so that he can put the roulette ball into twenty-six black. The whole casino is stalled and the roulette ball is in the air. Hiro gets up, puts the ball in twenty-six black and, before he restarts time, he goes over to a waitress with a drink that's about to spill and rights the drink. Then he steals the olive. Hee! He runs back to his seat and starts time again. Ando, of course, wins. Hiro wants to leave, but Ando wants to stay because he's on a roll. Hiro tells him that he's not on a roll; he stopped time and fixed the game. Hiro thinks he's a horrible person for doing this, but Ando thinks he's awesome. Hiro thinks it's cheating. "Is Peter Parker cheating when he sells pictures of Spider-Man?" Ando asks. "No," says Hiro. "All heroes have a system," says Ando. "This is our system." Hiro thinks for a split second and then goes, "Let it ride!" So much for a question of ethics.

Elsewhere in Vegas, Niki's getting dolled up back at her house as Big Hair (whose name according to the captions is "Texas Tina" which is... hilarious, and I shall call her that from now on) asks her if she's still seeing someone in the mirror who's the "you that ain't you." Niki says she is, and Texas Tina says she can relate. "It's called 'gettin' old'. Little Botox'll do us both some good." Niki thinks for a minute and then says that she's been blacking out. "Okay, I wake up... and things aren't... like they were... " Texas Tina shuts the door. "Like the time you woke up with a couple o' dead thugs in yer garage?" "Uh-huh," says Niki. "One of them was torn in half... I mean... " Texas Tina thinks that means it obviously wasn't Niki who did it. "But what if it was?" asks Niki. "I mean, I've been having these... violent dreams. I mean, REALLY violent. Where I am tearing people apart. But it's not me. It's someone else... in me. With me."

Texas Tina isn't into this whole mirror-ganger thing that Niki's trying to describe. She tries to explain it all away by saying that she thinks Niki saw something so horrible that it broke a part of her. Yeah. That's called multiple personality disorder. Just ask Sybil, TINA. She knows ALL about it. Also? Sybil just broke apart and crawled onto shelves and avoided her arty actor carriage-driving boyfriend; she didn't RIP PEOPLE IN HALF. I'm thinking Niki doesn't suffer from multiple personality disorder as much as she has a fucking mirror image who handles all her rage in a very violent and physical manner. I'm just sayin', if Niki had a mental disorder, some meds and a good therapist might be the best medicine. But since she's ripping people apart and forgetting about it, I'd say a visit to her local comic book store might be a better method of getting some damn answers. I mean, FIGURE IT OUT ALREADY. God.

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