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Micah knocks at the door and asks if Niki wants to play Scrabble. She does, she really does, but she has to do something else. Like straddle a politician for bribing purposes. Niki suggests Texas Tina for the game, because she reads romance novels and knows words like "thrust" and "heaving" and "alabaster breasts." Texas Tina grabs the game box and says she'll take the challenge and heads off into the house. Micah remains behind. "Why can't you just work at home, like usual?" he asks. Niki says this "job" is different and he says that she's been different. She beckons him over and apologizes, saying it hasn't been fair to him, but he's been a trouper. "I have things under control now," she says, "and I'm just going to do this one thing, and it's gonna solve a lot of problems for us. Then you won't be able to get rid of me." She leans down to touch foreheads with him, but he just pulls away and says, "Fine, but it's safer over the Internet." Niki pulls back and is all, the whuh? "I mean, what you do... " he says. "In the garage. It's just acting. None of it's for real." The doorbell rings and Micah goes to answer it as Niki deals with the fact that her preternaturally intelligent and sensitive son has known all along what she's been doing in the Garage of Porn. "They sent a limo!" he calls from the front door. Oh, ouch. Hookers get limos sometimes. Poor Micah.

Brooklyn. Mohinder and Pixie are standing in a doorway, discussing Peter. She thinks he might be crazy as a shithouse rat, or he's "one of them." Mohinder says that all Peter's really telling him is that he can't "do anything" and therefore is a shithouse rat. By the way, they both say "crap house" rat instead of "shithouse rat" but the censors don't allow "shithouse" so "crap house" it is. I like "shithouse" better, so I'm going to use it because I CAN. Fucking censors. Pixie convinces Mohinder to go talk to him and the go back into the living room to chat. Pixie tells Peter good luck with the whole flying thing and then leaves the boys to themselves.

Mohinder sits down opposite Peter and says, "So... when you're with your brother, you can fly and when you're with the artist--" "Isaac, yeah," says Peter, "I only met him once but, after, I... drew the future." Okay, I don't remember that at all. Unless it was when Peter drew the stick figures back in the hospital room. If that's the case, it's not a very clear representation of Peter pulling powers off of others. Mohinder comments that now that he's not around either Nathan or Isaac, Peter can't fly or tell the future. Peter suppositions that maybe he can only "do things" when he's around other people who can "do things." Mohinder just smiles at him. "Does that sound as lame as I think it did?" asks Peter. "It sounds like you should be talking to my father," says Mohinder. Well, duh. Peter asks how he gets a hold of Dr. Suresh and Mohinder just says, "He's on the table," and nods his head back at the urn with his father's ashes.

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