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Peter's kind of horrified. "I... I'm sorry." He holds Chandra's book up. "But... you believe that this is possible. I mean, you believed it this morning." Mohinder just scoffs. "What if I prove it to you?" asks Peter. "Fine," says Mohinder. "Then prove it." Peter says they could go visit Nathan, but, dammit, he's left town. He says he'll take Mohinder to Isaac's, but it's complicated. "Complicated how?" asks Mohinder, as we head off to Isaac's place.

Simone enters, and we see Isaac readying his heroin kit. That really IS complicated! He wraps a scarf around the top of his head and tells her that his paintings are by the door. She goes to check them out and says that she thought she was buying the new pieces. He says he needs the new pieces. "To tell you the future?" she sneers at him. He asks how much the old pieces will go for and she tells him she doesn't think she can sell them. "So you only like the ones I painted when I was high?" he says. "Interesting. You won't give me an advance?" "That depends on what you're going to do with the money," she says. He says he needs painting supplies. "I take it you're not talking about oils and canvas," she says, her heart totally hardened toward him.

"It was raining last night," he says. "What'd you do, Simone? In the rain?" He shows her the sketch of her and Peter kissing beneath the umbrella. "You followed me?" she asks. Nope. He drew it seven weeks ago. He also drew Peter in the painting of him falling. Before they'd ever met. "Are you in love with him?" asks Isaac. Simone says she doesn't know how she feels about Peter and she sure as hell doesn't know how she feels about Isaac. Isaac says the entire city's gonna explode unless he stops it. "You think you can save us all by shooting up?" she asks. "I can save everybody," he says. She leaves and he just laughs. "I'm gonna be a hero," he says while he looks down at his floor mural of the destruction of New York. Looks like he's finally believing Hiro's Japanese ramblings on his answering machine...

Commercials. Oh, Pam and Jim! I believe we can work this whole thing out! Or Jim will fall in love with ME and we will run away and be happy forever and ever and ever. Shut up, Michael.

Odessa. Claire's getting books out of her locker while Nerdeo lectures her on the whole you-were-almost-raped-and-then-murdered-and-all-you-want-to-do-is-be-normal attitude that she's currently working. "He was drunk," she says. "It was an accident." "Which part was an accident?" he asks in disgust. "The rape or the murder?" Amen, brother. They discuss Claire's appearance on the coroner's table, and Nerdeo speculates that maybe when the branch was pulled out of her head, her brain rebooted or something. "I'm not a hard drive," Claire says in a snotty tone. "No, you're Little Miss Miracle-Gro," he retorts. Heh. Nerdeo wants her to tell someone about Jock the Rapist, but she doesn't want to because she doesn't have a mark on her. And here's where this scenario just starts to smell of stale limburger cheese to me. Because, on the one hand, Claire doesn't want anyone to know of her powers, but on the other, she's SHOWING UP AT SCHOOL where the RAPIST IS and she no longer HAS A HOLE IN HER HEAD. I think that someone, namely HER RAPIST, is going to know something's up here. Especially since he DRAGGED HER ASS TO THE RIVER and tried to GET RID OF HER DEAD BODY. Unless she sports a large scar in the shape of a chicken foot on the side of her head, I'd say the jig, she is up.

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