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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

After the break, Sylar's enjoying his tea while Mrs. Bennet wonders who left the door open. I think Sylar has some Kibbles-n-Bits stored in his shoes, because Mr. Muggles is all over that shit and keeps snarfing on Sylar's shoelaces. Mr. Muggles: What? I like laces. Sylar comments that he's always wanted to see where Mr. Bennet lives, and Mrs. Bennet thinks it's just hilarious that the Primatech Paper employees all refer to their boss as "Mr. Bennet" instead of "Great Googly Moogly" or his given name of "Aloysius." Seriously -- what the hell SHOULD they call their boss, "Mr. Big Boss Man"? The hell? Mrs. Bennet almost lets slip HRG's actual first name, but she stops short of telling us when she notices Mr. Muggles licking Sylar's laces like they're coated in beef. ["Which...depending on what he did to Henchdoctor, they very well may be." -- Joe R] Mrs. Bennet comments that the dog has just discovered shoelaces and can't get enough of them. Mr. Muggles: "I'm telling you, they're delicious." Sylar fakely chuckles and looks like he'd like to pick up Mr. Muggles with his mind and throw him against a wall.

Sylar prattles on about HRG and eventually leads the discussion into Claire territory, saying that he was hoping to meet the daughter he's heard so much about. Mrs. Bennet has no freak-dar, apparently, because she asks Sylar to stay for dinner so that he can meet the rest of her family. He readily agrees and comments that Mrs. Bennet probably won't be able to reach her husband at the office because he's "just swamped." If by "just swamped" you mean, "trapped in a steel room with no way out and no cable TV for entertainment."

Kermit. Firemommy tells Claire that she's beautiful and asks if she's a good student. Claire says she sucks at math. Firemommy says Claire must be popular and Claire says that she was homecoming queen. Her mom says that she missed so much of her daughter's life. "I was so sure that nothing could have survived that fire," she says. She pours something called horchata into a glass for Claire and comments that she learned the recipe while she was in Mexico. She says that she's moved around a lot. After she lost Claire, she sort of started running and never really stopped. She's only been back in Kermit two months. Claire's phone rings, and it's her other mother. Claire gets on the phone and lies to her mother about being at the aquarium as Firemommy watches.

"She doesn't know you're here, does she?" asks Firemommy once Claire's off the phone. Claire says that neither of her parents really understands what's going on with her right now, and Firemommy says she'll pretend to understand why Claire's sneaking around. "All girls deserve their secrets, right?" she says. Claire says she's had an awful lot of them these days. "I have to show you something," she says. "You may understand it, you may not, but...I need you to see." "See what?" "I think I know how I survived that fire," says Claire, grabbing a butcher knife and running it across her forearm. Firemommy gasps and moves toward her, but Claire says she's fine as the cut disappears just as quickly as it appeared. "Please say something," says Claire. Firemommy smiles. "Some family," she says, holding out her fist. She opens it up and a fireball appears there, its reflection glimmering in Firemommy's eyes. Awesome.

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