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Suck It, Peter!

Matt is still talking to the turtle, who must have thought of eighty-seven different ways to kill himself at this point, and then decides to leave, but Daphne finally shows up and awkwardly tells him she's supposed to recruit him, but she thinks he wouldn't fit in at Pinehearst, as the people there and the things they do -- "they're not good people." And she didn't even see what happened to Adam. She tells Matt he needs to stay away from them, so he's forced to tell her she needs to do the same, or in the future, she'll die. "That's why I wanted to find you. To save you." He doesn't give her the bright side, which is that her hair is under a lot better control a few years from now. Daphne's skeptical, as Matt's power has nothing to do with second sight, but when he tells her about meeting NeoIsaac, she's convinced he's telling the truth. However, she informs him she doesn't have a choice about going back to them, and besides, she's not sure if she can trust Matt. Matt asks what her heart is telling her to do, which threatens to give me acid reflux, but Daphne saves the day: "The same as it always does. Keep moving too fast to get caught." Matt asks what they have over her, and it's considerate of him not to yank the answer from her mind, before saying he can protect her. I don't know what he's basing that on, and neither does Daphne, who demurs before superzipping out of there. We don't get a reaction shot of the turtle, but I'd imagine he's rolling his eyes something fierce.

It's nighttime in Africa, and from behind a rock, Hiro and Ando note that NeoIsaac is now home, so they head in to confront him, with Hiro grabbing the shovel on the way. Inside, they find NeoIsaac warming his hands over a fire. Hiro moves to bonk him on the head, but without turning, NeoIsaac congratulates him on using his head, as he normally relies on his powers far too much. "You started to think. That's when you found me." Hiro cottons on that this was a test, and NeoIsaac confirms that, saying now he's ready. He points their attention to a painting on the wall, saying the faces it depicts are the villains he seeks. There are four of them, with the Pinehearst logo in the center. The bottom two are clearly Knox and Flint, and the one on the upper left looks like Papa Petrelli, although half his face looks like that of Iron Man. The one on the upper right is a swarthy fellow with a goatee that I'm not sure we've seen before. The eyebrows say Sylar, but nothing else does. NeoIsaac says these are the villains Hiro seeks, and he can take him to them, or he can follow his own path. It would be pretty funny if Hiro chose this moment to bonk him on the head with the shovel, but we certainly got plenty of mileage out of that joke, so let's end the scene with a painting of Peter embracing an unknown man (I'm too close to the finish line; insert your own joke)...

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