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Suck It, Peter!

...before Peter materializes in the Pinehearst courtyard to dramatic music. He marches up to the door, turning invisible as he goes. You'd think he would have become invisible before he teleported, just in case there was any security out there, but then the dramatic music might have been a little confused about its purpose in the scene.

Inside, Papa Petrelli is sipping a drink when Flint, Daphne, Knox, and Maury enter. Peter then busts in, hands electrified, to which Flint answers by firing up his own weapons. Papa Petrelli turns to his son, though, who looks shocked? Scared? Angry? as he asks how this is possible. Papa Petrelli says it's a long story, and repeats that sentiment when Peter asks if he's the one that hurt Mama Petrelli. He asks for a hug, and Peter's wary but submits, upon which Papa Petrelli apologizes that it had to come to this. He sucks something out of Peter, who yells in agony before tumbling to the floor. He tries to zap his father, but nothing happens, and Papa Petrelli says he doesn't have his powers anymore. He holds up a crackling hand: "Because I have them now." Well, at least you don't have that blasted hunger to deal with anymore, right, Peter? Also: HA HA HA! That RULED! Suck it, jerk!

Next time looks pretty good too, as it's all about the Petrellis. (Hey, I like most of them!)

John Ramos is a writer and producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at couchbaron@gmail.com.

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