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...but we cut to him getting tossed onto the floor at the feet of Papa Petrelli's bed. Adam looks at Knox and says he's wasting his time, but Knox merely looks ominously in Papa Petrelli's direction, and when Adam gets to his feet and sees who it is, he approaches warily. (By the way, Papa Petrelli is being played by Robert Forster, who has been in a billion things but might be best known for being nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Jackie Brown.) He tells "Arthur" that he heard he was dead, and Papa Petrelli doesn't verbalize a response, but his telepathic answer is probably "That's not a word you should have mentioned." Adam freaks out, and tries to escape, but his fear has made him no match for Knox, who drags him back to Papa Petrelli's bedside. Adam begs for mercy, and says he could be of use to him, and it's a testament to what a great twist this was that I still wasn't sure what was about to happen. But Knox forces Adam's forearm into Papa Petrelli's grip, and Adam seems to age hundreds of years in seconds before literally turning to dust before our eyes. Awesomely, his suit collapses now that his body isn't there to hold it up anymore, and just like that, Papa Petrelli pulls the tubes out of his neck, which instantly heals, and says it's good to breathe again. So Papa Petrelli doesn't merely copy powers, like Peter does, but thieves them permanently. Of course, if he did that to Peter or Claire or Sylar, it wouldn't kill them, because they're not hundreds of years old like Adam was, but it's interesting to know that they could conceivably lose their invulnerability. Anyway, that was really well done, and as I said in the recaplet, I'll miss David Anders, but at least his death was awesome.

In the airport, Daphne is looking at files of Matt and Hiro. She shakes her head and starts to throw them in the trash, but behind her, "Linderman" tells her that would be a mistake, and wonders if they're not paying her enough. She says it's not that, but that Hiro was a good guy, and the fact that they turned him into a murderer is making her feel like she's in over her head, and she can't do it anymore. Linderman, in his typically elliptical way, implies that there would be unpleasant consequences were she to leave, and Daphne winces at the thought of whatever it is they have over her. He suggests that they put this "lapse of judgment" behind them, and if Maury and Linderman hadn't been ElderHeroes together I'd wonder how the hell Maury had him so down pat. Daphne looks balefully at Linderman for a moment, but picks the file back up, and then Linderman points out that Matt has come into view. (I'd love to have heard Matt's conversation with airline officials about the turtle. "He's my totem! You can't charge me for an extra seat!" When Daphne looks back, Linderman is gone, and she gives an "it figures" move that kind of amuses me. She walks by the camera, which lets her go in favor of revealing that Maury has been there the whole time. Well, duh. Meanwhile, Matt is talking to the turtle, who's probably wishing he could move a lot faster, about how he has to find Daphne and blah, so it's nice of her to appear at the bottom of the escalator and cut off the babbling. He happily greets her by name, which confuses her, although possibly not as much as the presence of the turtle. She looks like she's going to ask Linderman for a raise soon, but for the moment suggests she and Matt go somewhere and talk.

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