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So after the break, we see that the noise occurred because Doyle had some stuff in front of the door, probably purposely meant to be a makeshift alarm. Claire calls to the still-immobilized Meredith to come with her, like THAT WOULDN'T HAVE OCCURRED TO HER ON HER OWN, and also, you read the freaking file, didn't you? Anyway, when she doesn't respond, Claire rushes over to her and says they have to get out of there. Meredith desperately tries to convey with her eyes what's going on, but it's too late, as Doyle is already returning with Sandra in tow. Claire points her weapon and orders him to let Sandra and Meredith go, but Doyle's like, "Uh, no," and moves her arm to point harmlessly away from him. He somewhat languidly notes that these tasers just have one shot, and then causes Claire to discharge it into a marionette. Like those things didn't have to dance enough as it is. He keeps Claire frozen in place as he looks around amiably. "That's much better." Other than the fact that there's one less puppet to freak me out, I can't say as I really see that.

Ando wakes Hiro up, and after clutching his head for a moment, Hiro says it's going to be very difficult to catch NeoIsaac. Because Daphne was really unclear on that point. Ando suggests Hiro pop back to a minute before he hit him, and he could hide behind the rock outside and grab him. Hiro says he swore never to go back in time again, like HE DIDN'T JUST DO THAT, as Ando points out and asks, "It's just one minute. What could it hurt?" At least no one's here to make dumb comments about the butterfly effect, thank God. Hiro's convinced, and pops out...

...to "One Minute Before Hiro Got Hit," as the chyron tells us. Hee. This episode is managing not to take itself that seriously, which is such a huge plus I cannot even tell you. Hiro sees himself walking into the hut, but then focuses on another painting -- of NeoIsaac coming up behind him with the shovel. Hiro doesn't even turn this time, just saying "Oh, no" before getting bopped on the head again. HA! Hiro lies there, but he retains just enough consciousness to see NeoIsaac bonk his other self on the head before he passes out. Hee. I don't think that all made sense from a time-travel perspective, but wow, do I not care.

Daphne zips into the airport, takes a look at Matt sitting there like a giant loser, and then zips off again. Waiting his whole life to be somebody, you say?

Daphne's next stop is Mohinder's weboratory, and when he opens the door, she demonstrates her power by zipping past him. She gives him a quick pitch, saying Pinehearst wants access to his research and contacts, and tells him "they've already figured out how to do the thing you're trying to do." If that's the case, they're going to put Oil Of Olay out of business. No, Daphne clarifies that she means giving people abilities, and they and Mohinder can be of mutual help. She gives him a card, but then hears a noise from the other room, and doesn't wait for an invitation to check it out. Her eyes go wide when she sees Tracy and Nathan on gurneys and all the cocoons, but although Tracy asks her to help them, she reemerges in disgust: "Great. You're just as bad as the rest of them." And you haven't really even seen him act yet. He tries to grab her, but she zips away, and he's left looking at the Pinehearst card in his hand.

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