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Hiro comes to, again, and gets to his feet. He sees his past? Future? self pop out, and then goes up to Ando and tells him in frustration that time travel won't work with this guy, so they need to... hide and wait for him to get back. Ando rolls his entire torso along with his eyes.

Oh, dear. Doyle's got the three prisoners seated around a table with a gun atop it, and you don't have to be a genius to figure this is going to be Russian roulette or some variation thereof. I wonder if he'll make the puppets play too. Claire vehemently starts to ask what he wants, but Doyle cracks me up: "What I want, Barbie, is not to be interrupted." Hee. Introducing Regenerative Barbie! You'll never have to worry about broken-off arms or legs again! Doyle goes on that since she's so eager, she can take the first spin, and when the gun ends up pointing between Sandra and Meredith, he tells her she has to choose whom to shoot. Horrified, she says she can't, but he makes her raise the gun, although at the moment it's still pointed between her mothers. Sandra tells him to leave her alone, and he snaps in response, "What are you, her mother?" Sandra doesn't reply, but her eyes say, "Yer darn tootin'," which delights Doyle to no end. He asks who, then, Meredith is in the equation. "Sexy, free spirit...oh! You're the fun aunt, right?" The thought of Meredith and Sandra growing up together is almost enough to take me out of this scene entirely. But not quite, as Doyle has Claire point the gun at Sandra, who keeps her composure admirably, and then Meredith, who promises she'll love Doyle forever. I think she's trying to save all their skins, not just her own, but it's irrelevant, as he doesn't believe her, and he forces Claire to pull the trigger -- but it's a blank. After some funny, "oh, shoot" faces from him, Doyle says it's Sandra's turn to spin, and this time, the gun ends up pointing squarely at Claire. This is of course the outcome the three of them are hoping for, but Doyle doesn't know that, so he tells "Barbie" (still funny) that these might be her final words, so she should make them count. Sandra and Claire both cry as Claire says it's okay -- she can't fight it, so she should do what she needs to do. "Pull the trigger." Sandra finally says she will, and shoots a blank -- and a blank -- and then the real thing, sending Claire falling to the floor. Doyle's pleased as punch as he stands over her "corpse," but when he turns back and starts gloating about how fun that was, Claire bonks him on the head from behind. Too bad NeoIsaac wasn't around to let him know that was coming. Claire: "Show's over." I think Rainier Wolfcastle should sue, because that definitely sounds like something he would say. Still: Badass Barbie! Coming soon to a store near you!

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