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Suck It, Peter!

Sylar and Peter are standing over Mama Petrelli, and Sylar haltingly takes her hand as he says he found her like this, in some sort of coma. Peter dismissively? Disgustedly? Interestedly? notes that Sylar actually cares about her, and Sylar agrees: "She's the only person who ever accepted me for what I am." To be fair, more people might have accepted you if you hadn't cut their heads open. Sylar expresses regret that he failed to protect her before asking Peter to look inside her mind and figure out what's wrong. I guess he figures he'll stop Peter in time if he gets all slicey-slicey again. In any case, Peter Blue Steels his mom until an image leaps out at him, causing him to stagger backwards. Sylar asks what he saw, and Peter apparently isn't familiar with the term "double helix," so he grabs a pen and paper and draws the Pinehearst logo, which he says he's seen before. Sylar produces the card Daphne gave him: "So have I."

Doyle's still lying unconscious on the floor when someone crouches over him and uses what looks like some kind of dart gun to inject something into the back of his head. It's Bennet, who mildly says it ought to keep him down for a little while. Speaking of which, I doubt Bennet was around the corner, so how did they ensure that Doyle wouldn't wake up, an eventuality they couldn't risk? Did they rotate kicking him in the head every ten minutes? Or did Meredith even let the others have a turn? Meredith tells Claire she saved them and was amazing: "You may have got your genes from me, but you got your heart from your mom." Aw, but I still give Meredith a lot of credit for going after Doyle knowing exactly what she was dealing with. You can have two awesome moms, Claire! This is the new millennium! Bennet steps forward and is pleased to learn Claire's role in the capture. "That's very impressive, sweetheart." Claire just looks at him disdainfully and walks off without a word, probably to text Sylar like "You're not going to believe what User Dad just had the nerve to say to me!" Sandra tells Bennet she'll talk to her and follows, leaving Bennet to muse wistfully that Claire has the wrong idea about him. Meredith says Claire's a young woman now, and wants to be on her own. "She doesn't need you, or me, to protect her." Bennet concedes the point, but says there are a lot more people like Doyle out there. "I could use some help." Meredith asks if he means from Claire, but he turns to her and says no. "From you." Yes! Not that Bennet and Sylar weren't a hoot and a half, but that partnership was about as stable as Brigitte Bardot, and besides, I think Meredith (well, Jessalyn Gilsig, really) is great. Plus, Bennet doesn't even know about her fireboarding technique. That could come in handy!

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