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Boom Goes The Dynamite?

In a terrace garden somewhere, the brothers have convened with Angela, and Peter, arm in a sling, is understandably none too grateful for Nathan saving his life, instead asking him once and for all why he's doing what he's doing. Nathan says he's trying to save the world, but Angela evenly yet pointedly suggests there might be a better way. She doesn't add, "Such as anything else," but I think even Nathan's coming around to that viewpoint. Peter says that all roads at this point lead to killing their kind, and Nathan takes responsibility for that, but says he's the only one who can fix it. He asks Peter to come with him, and Angela objects, but Peter says it's okay. Nathan extends his hand, and Peter considers for several seconds before getting to his feet and saying he knows Nathan will take care of him. "'Cause you love me." He embraces his brother -- and then steals his power again and flies away! HA! Suck it, dick! Nathan wants to fly right after him, but Angela cautions him not to, because she's seen the future, and something's changed and he needs to be ready. She whispers something in his ear, and he looks positively floored before glancing up into the sky again...

...and then Peter has made good on his threat, and the evening news is broadcasting the contents of the tape. Danko looks exceedingly pissed, and then looks back at the painting they took from the lab, and now that the full shot is in view, we see the heavyset guy has a bomb around his waist. I was annoyed with the prospect of another explosive event, but at least they don't seem to be dragging this one out...

...which is more than I can say for the Sylar storyline. Luke is bored and wondering what the hell they're still doing there, and I sympathize, but Sylar throws a chair, which is how serial killers really get your attention, and tells him his dad killed his mom. He then bitches Luke out for making his dad sound so great, and look, you've been subjecting him to on-the-spot polygraph tests ever since you met him, so how'd you miss this one, guy? Sylar is the biggest patsy on this show. Anyway, he tosses Luke into the wall and holds him there for some speechifying about pain and whatever, and then he drops him and tells him to go home to his mother. Luke disbelievingly asks if he's not going to kill him, and Sylar replies, "Seems a little on-the-nose." Never seemed to bother you before. Luke asks where he's going, and Sylar tells him he's going to kill his father. So I figure he'll need another five episodes to find him, which leaves him only three to kill him. The writers sure are under pressure with this storyline! Seriously, the fact that other subplots are interesting now is just making this one seem even more dreadfully boring.

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