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Boom Goes The Dynamite?

A sweaty Matt groggily comes to in a moving vehicle and asks Danko, who's right in front of him, what he's doing. Danko tells him that the world doesn't yet realize how dangerous he is, but they will. "The enemy has a face, Parkman. It's you." Danko injects him with something, probably to inhibit his power...

...and then we cut to Matt getting pushed out of the van near the Capitol Building, and we see that Danko has strapped a bomb around his stomach. No one seems to notice yet, but you can bet they will. Man, would this not be a better show if they actually blew him up? I mean, I know it would for me, but it would actually be a daring choice here, and as much of an improvement as this chapter is, the show could still use a couple of those.

Back at the Bennet house, Sandra comes into Claire's bedroom, and they share a smile before Claire tells her she was incredible. Seconded. Sandra tells her she loves her just the way she is, and she wouldn't trade this life for anything. Claire smiles: "Me either." Sandra says she made popcorn, and downstairs, the microwave alarm goes off, so Claire goes to get it while Sandra sits and looks at a photo of her and her husband...

...but then when Claire opens the microwave, there's nothing in it. She closes the door, and when she turns, she finds the popcorn -- in the hands of creepy puppet master Doyle, who greets her with a diffident, "Hey, Barbie" and offers her some of the snack. Heh. He says he has a message from Rebel, and holds up his phone, which reads, "Claire will save you." He tells her he needs her help, and Claire's stunned face is good, but I cannot wait to see Sandra's reaction to this new development...next week!

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at couchbaron@gmail.com.

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