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Boom Goes The Dynamite?

At Building 26, Bennet mentions he got an apartment in DuPont Circle (a neighborhood in D.C., if you didn't know) before Danko asks if he minds that they're keeping an eye on Claire. Bennet says that if Claire does something wrong, she can live with the consequences, and if Danko is suspicious of how hard Bennet is toeing the line here, he keeps it to himself. I think in light of the kidnapping, though, he's taking Bennet's attitude shift at face value. Danko then announces to the room that Peter and Matt are their biggest priority, and they're both armed and dangerous "and should be taken down." Don't they in essence consider them all armed and dangerous? Isn't that the whole point? Nathan pops in mid-Danko-speech, which he seems to do a lot, and interjects that lethal force isn't permitted here, but Danko demurs, and after telling the men to get back to work, he informs Nathan that since Peter made things personal with him, he's doing what he needs to do. He walks off, and Nathan starts to leave (Thanks for stopping by!), on the way out telling Bennet to keep an eye on Danko for him, but Bennet continues his play to become Danko's new BFF by pointing out that Matt and Peter kidnapped him and threatened his life. "What makes you think I won't shoot them myself?" Nathan's like, "Geez, my brother shot me in the chest and we were making out again like two episodes later. What's up everyone's ass all of a sudden?" That one Asian guy who's allowed to talk then rushes over and tells Danko they have a lead. "Manhattan."

In Mohinder's lab, Matt's painting furiously, the subject this time being a portly, swarthy guy who's doing a Spock-like eyebrow pop, but as much as it seems like it should be Sylar, it isn't unless he gained fifty pounds in his week off. You never know with road food, though. Peter snaps Matt out of it, as he's apparently been going for quite some time in an effort to find answers on how to stop the destruction painted on the floor. I'm not going to torture myself by discussing the predictive stuff anymore, so let's focus on the part where Peter thinks they should get out of there, but Matt tells him the only thing that matters is rescuing Daphne, and THOSE AREN'T MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE ACTIVITIES, GOD! Matt is really the worst character on this show. Peter gives in and asks if Matt saw anything specific about Daphne's location when he was inside Bennet's head, and Matt babbles uselessly for a moment until the computer suddenly switching on thankfully interrupts him. The word "Rebel" is on it, and then comes an address on E Street in D.C., with a note that Daphne is there. Peter's suspicious, but the message then continues: "They're coming. Get out. NOW!" The blood drains from their faces for a moment, but then they move quickly out the front door, literally seconds ahead of two armed agents coming through the other entrance. One of them calls in and reports to Danko, based on the fresh paint on the canvas Matt was just working on, that they barely missed them. The other guy takes a camera-phone picture of the floor...

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