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Boom Goes The Dynamite?

...and we cut to the agents in the van, who snap to attention when they see the Bennet garage door opening. Amid a flurry of squealing tires and hand-held camerawork, they intercept the SUV, but only find a hoodied Lyle in the passenger's seat and a smug Sandra driving, who says they're going to a movie, and she hopes that's not a threat to the Federal government. It's a lot less likely since the change of administration, I'd say. The agents then hear a noise out back, and go running to investigate, and I think this little stunt may actually have hurt Alex's chances of getting out unnoticed (do they really not have anyone watching the back of the house?) but I still enjoyed Sandra's little moment of triumph. Out back, Claire and Alex run down a steep hill, and perform a more mature version of "Jack And Jill" when they both lose their balance and tumble their way to the bottom, and Alex isn't in such a hurry that he doesn't take the time to enjoy lying on Claire's boobs for several seconds until she politely invites him to get off of her. They see the agents coming and get moving again, hopping an iron fence that surrounds a pool, and when the agents catch up, they look around, but Alex and Claire have submerged themselves in the underwater shadows. When Claire starts to run out of air, Alex kisses her, apparently blowing air into her mouth as he does. That doesn't hold up under scrutiny, but the whole scene's completely cheesy, so complaining about the technical aspects seems beside the point.

Nathan returns to the command center and hears from Danko that the men are ready to go meet Peter, and when the point comes up that he wanted to do it right next to a network news building, Nathan opines, "Peter's no dummy," which has to be a leading candidate for the funniest thing ever said on this show. The mood darkens, however, when Danko informs Nathan that they're not making the exchange. Nathan can't believe Danko is willing to risk exposure of their operation, but Danko quotes the President in saying that the U.S. won't make deals with terrorists. Nathan apparently doesn't think of Peter that way, but Danko is unmoved, and tells Nathan to stay out of his way. He leaves, and Bennet starts to follow, but Nathan grabs him and asks him to remember that Peter can hear his thoughts. Bennet gives Nathan an inscrutable smirk and bails...

...and then we're at the rooftop rendezvous, and Peter steps out of the shadows when he sees Bennet get out of the town car that's just arrived. He suspiciously asks where Matt and Daphne are, and Bennet verbally tells him just to come with him, but his thoughts warn Peter that he's being set up. Unfortunately, Peter is inexplicably slow to react, and even as Bennet's thoughts get louder and more insistent, Danko plugs Peter in the shoulder, and he goes falling off the roof. Well, at least the fall won't hurt -- he has to be dead already from being shot in the shoulder, or ISN'T THAT HOW IT WORKS, MATT? Anyway, Bennet and Danko rush to the side of the building, just in time to see Peter and Nathan (although you can't see the latter's face) flying back up toward them. They fly up into the night and disappear with that smoke trail that I never get tired of seeing before Danko can get a shot off, and as they both stare up at their escaped quarry, Bennet allows a hint of a smile to play across his lips, probably thinking how Angela's going to love hearing about this one.

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