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If I Choose Flight, Do I Get Frequent Flyer Miles?

New Orleans. Monica flips through channels, looking for something to muscle-mimic. She comes across that Bruce Lee biopic with Jason Lee in it and quickly begins imitating the moves. Micah comes in and quietly watches her, smiling. He thinks her powers are amazing. She thinks so too, but she's seeking a deeper meaning in them. She wants to know why they have these powers. Micah thinks they're supposed to do something with them. Monica thinks so too, but doesn't know what that is. She remarks that it's past Micah's bedtime and then swears him to secrecy. They hug, and Micah goes to bed. There's a knock at the door. Monica goes to answer it, and outside is none other than Mohinder, telling her that he's there to help her understand what's happening to her. Won't HE be surprised when he finds out little Micah is there as well?

Back in Ireland, Elle fields a call in her rented car and tersely tells whoever is on the other end of the line that everything's fine, but the weather could be better. She says that she hasn't found Peter yet, but she will, and that she had to use a little persuasion earlier in the evening. By "persuasion," she means "big volts of electricity." The person on the other end must demand clarification because Elle finally just admits, "All right, I killed him, okay? What is the big deal?" Clearly, this is not what she was sent there to do, because the person on the phone says something to Elle that makes her go, "What, now? This is MY assignment! And I almost have him!" The person says something else and Elle kind of whines, "What if I promise not to --" There's a pause. "Fine," she snits. "I'll come home now. Sorry, Daddy. It won't happen again." She hangs up and drives off in a huff. Heh. How much money you want to bet that "Daddy" is Tobby?

Up in Caitlin's loft, Peter is putting the finishing touches on his painting. His eyes clear up and he backs away. He asks what happened; Caitlin has no idea. Peter doesn't remember painting at all, and Caitlin tells him that his eyes went dead and he just started furiously painting and couldn't be stopped. They look at the painting, which shows a male and a female standing in front of a door with the "S" symbol above it and a large church in the background. Caitlin asks if they're the couple, but Peter doesn't know. Peter observes that the street signs are in French, and they say that the building is on the corner of Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Rue Saint-Jogue. I think. That second sign might say something else. It's hard to read. Or Peter's a really bad speller when his eyes are covered with white film. Caitlin thinks it could be Montreal, due to the fact that Peter already has a plane ticket for that destination.

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