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Palace de Papa Parkman. Having clearly ingested some of Mohinder's Stupid Pills, Matt dumbly removes his father's shackles and orders him to tell them everything. Papa Parkman tries to hug his son and tell him he's proud of him and that back when he himself learned he could read minds, he was a real scumbag. "Was"? Matt tells him that he doesn't get to be proud, he doesn't get to be anything; what he gets to be is a veritable font of information, thanks, so get yammering! Nathan leans forward and asks what Papa Parkman meant about the ElderHeroes trying to save the world. Papa Parkman obliquely explains that their powers came out of nowhere, and that they somehow found each other and they were connected and felt like they were invincible. Some of the ElderHeroes took that to heart and started doing whatever they wanted to do, no matter the consequences. This didn't sit so well with some of the other ElderHeroes, including Papa Parkman. "I did what I could do to stop them." "Like what?" asks Nathan. Papa Parkman turns to his son and says, "This thing we can do -- it only begins with reading minds and then it becomes so much more..." Matt's curious, but his father doesn't think he can really explain it.

He then gets a look on his face and suddenly gets up and tells Matt he has something he can show him that will explain everything. And yes, what he shows him is definitely an explanation of sorts. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in a PowerPoint and there aren't some nice handouts to take away. Instead, Papa Parkman just slimily asks Matt to follow him into the back room while every alarm bell in the immediate vicinity starts pealing, "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! He's clearly going to do something BAD to you! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Matt's recently been rendered deafer than an inbred pony, however, and he just schlumps along behind his dad and follows him into the back. Once there, the door immediately behind Matt shuts and then the door out to the rest of the apartment shuts, prompting Nathan to get up from his seat and run toward it. He starts banging on it and calling out for Matt, but there's no response.

Inside the room, the lights go out and then come back up and Matt's in a jail cell. There's a large guard there and he throws Matt up against the wall and his voice is really garbled and it makes no sense and it's like being stuck in one of those dreams where you start out as a normal person walking down the street and then you morph into a Volkswagen with a cowboy hat and then a bird starts talking to you in Robert DeNiro's voice and then you're naked and your hair is plaid and your hands are made of plates. Matt thinks this is all real, though, even though he walked into a bedroom in Philadelphia and now appears to be in a random jail cell with a really pissed-off guard. Outside the room, Nathan tries to bust the door down and finally succeeds, only when he breaks through to the other side, he's out on the Superheroes Superroof and it would appear that they didn't save New York from the nuclear Peter after all because everything's destroyed. Nathan's stunned. He thought they were in PHILLY, not NEW YORK. While the boys enjoy their nightmares, Papa Parkman leaves them to it, grabs his coat, and walks out the door looking about as evil as a puffy middle-aged man can possibly look.

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