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After the break, it's time to check in with Ando and his Search For The Missing Scroll. I have zero patience for this little side story here because it breaks into the current action for no reason, we don't need to check in with Hiro during EVERY episode, and we've already got like seven concurrent storylines going on at the moment and we really don't NEED ANOTHER ONE. Dear writers: Try one or two characters per episode, okay? Might work out better for you. And me. And I won't have to hurt you. Kisses! Erin.

So, yeah, Ando's looking to decipher the ruined portion of one of the last Hiro scrolls. He's working with a restorer, who manages to gingerly extract some text from the thing. Once he does, the rest of Hiro's story comes to light. And is boring. Basically, Hiro's still helping Kensei and Yaeko back in 1671. They've gone through several trials and each has brought them closer to rescuing Yaeko's father. "It's like living in a storybook," says Hiro. Yeah, dude. The storybook your father used to READ TO YOU. We get it. Whatever. The trio has completed the map that will lead them to White Beard, who apparently has Yaeko's father for some bizarre reason. I don't know, maybe he bakes a mean apple pie. Kensei and Yaeko are still falling in love while Hiro is still falling in love with both of them. Or something. I'm not really paying attention.

New Orleans. Monica's creating more tomato roses and freaking herself out. Micah enters and says that he thinks he knows what happened with the piano. She jokes that she's a musical genius, and that she's had a hard couple of years and wants to just take a long nap and call it a day. Micah stops her and reminds her of last night, when he said he could rig the TV to show pay-per-view. She remembers. What she doesn't remember is Micah touching the TV and just bringing up pay-per-view with his fingertips, which is what he does right now to one of those old televisions that you just know doesn't have the ability to even GET cable. Monica watches him, and he says that he lied about being able to rig the TV, he can just do this stuff. He thinks the special powers run in the family. "My dad could walk through walls," he says. "And my mom? Don't even get me started on my mom." Heh.

Micah shows her a comic book with a cat-lady-type woman drawn on the cover and the words "Who is St. Joan?" beneath her. Micah thinks her ability is more like this character -- she's a muscle-mimic. Whatever she sees, she can do. Just like Monica. Monica shows Micah the tomatoes she's completed and says that she shouldn't know how to do this, but she saw it on TV and suddenly...she could. With Micah's revelation, Monica seems to be gaining acceptance of her gift. Micah thinks they should go test it out and see what she can really do.

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