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Meeeemmmmory! All Alone In The Moooonliiiiight!

Peter moves to the wall and tries to phase through it. He concentrates and manages to go through. "It's nice to finally meet you," he says to Adam on the other side. "You know, for 400 years old, you've held up pretty well." I'll say. "Come on," says Adam with a smile. "Let's go heal your brother." They move over to the wall and, after Adam puts his hand on Peter's shoulder, they phase through to the outside world.

Ugh. Venezuela. Maya's praying in some church. Alejandro shows up. I don't care. He asks her to come home. Still don't care. Alejandro asks how she managed to poison everyone. She says she didn't and that she's evil inside. He says she said she killed them. She did. Not caring over here. She thinks him not dying has something to do with them. Cops show up because Alejandro brought them along and Maya freaks out and does another Black Tear Festival and everyone drops except for Alejandro and he grabs her hands and tames the Black Eye Beast and that's when they realize he can keep her hissy fits under control without dying himself and they run before everyone wakes up. See how their story can be distilled into one paragraph? It's easy!

Los Angeles. Niki's hooked up with a coke dealer with whom she's partaking in a little pick-me-up. They head out onto the dance floor. D.L. shows up and finds Niki among the crowd. He goes right over to her and grabs her, saying, "Jessica!" "Guess again," she smiles at him. The coke dealer tries to intervene, but D.L. shoves him off and says that she's his wife. Then he shows her a picture of their family. She looks at it as the coke dealer tries to pick a fight with D.L., but only winds up watching his hand phase through D.L.'s head. Heh. He hits the guy in the stomach as Niki reappears, wondering why she suddenly wants to stay up all night and talk about how no matter how hard you try you just can't get the toothpaste off the porcelain and is that because toothpaste is stronger than glue or is it that toothpaste actually IS glue and do you want to go for a walk because I can't really sit still right now maybe we can get a drink or maybe build something?

D.L. grabs his wife as soon as he realizes that she's back, and they run out of the club. But the coke dealer has a bone to pick with them, and he circles around and shoots D.L. from point-blank range right after he and Niki tell each other that they love one another. Aw. Guess D.L.'s gone for good now. Oh, well. His storyline was kind of played out anyway. Sorry, Leonard -- hope you get another job soon!

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