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Meeeemmmmory! All Alone In The Moooonliiiiight!

Sure enough, the bride takes her ex by the hand and wanders off. Maya stops dancing and leaves her brother alone on the floor so she can go and cry black tears in a corner somewhere. Unfortunately, when she wipes her eyes, she doesn't look at her hand to see that her tears aren't the clear kind. She hears something across the hall and goes to investigate, and, of course, it's the bride with her legs wrapped around the waist of her ex-boyfriend. It's possible that wedding vows in the D.R. are different than those in the U.S., but I'm still thinking that banging your ex on your wedding night isn't included between "Do you take this man?" and "I do." ["Um, that's kind of culturally insensitive of you, Erin." -- Miss Alli]

Maya calls her sister-in-law a bitch and is about to go catty on her when the ex runs over and puts his hand over her mouth and tells her to keep her mouth shut. Maya screams that she'd rather see the bride dead than married to her brother, and that's when the Black Tears make their official debut and the fuck-happy exes drop to the ground with black leaking out of their eyes. Maya catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror and finally sees the black stuff on her face. She calls out for her brother and exits to the street, only to see that the whole damn town is dead, thanks to her. Alejandro runs up, and Maya's surprised that he's still alive. He asks what happened, and she says that she thinks she did it. Judging by the fact that she has black shit leaking from her eyes, I'd be inclined to agree with her, Alejandro. She spazzes out and runs away.

Back in New York, Peter carries Nathan's ruined body through the doors of what I'm assuming is Roosevelt Hospital, the Hospital of Heroes. He calls out to the staff, telling them to save his brother and do whatever it takes. The only damage that appears to have been visited upon Peter is that his clothing is rather...smoky. That's it. But it's enough to raise the eyebrows of a nearby cop, so the second he looks away, Peter goes invisible and walks off. He reappears in a corridor elsewhere in the hospital, and before I can appreciate how much I used to kind of love the emo bangs before I turned against them, Elle shows up with Tobby and shoots some blue electricity at Peter, bringing him down. "Did you have to use the full blast?" asks Tobby. "He can take it," smirks Elle.

There are no clever titling tricks in this episode, apparently, as we just get a simple "Four Months Ago..." on a black screen that leads into a close up of Peter's sleeping face. A female hand is twisting the emo bangs around her finger. "He's not a toy, Elle," says Tobby. "He could be," she says in this creepy little-girl voice. Peter wakes up and looks at her. She puts a finger to his nose and shoots a little blue spark at it. He jumps back into the corner of the sofa and asks where he is. Tobby tells him he's in a safe place. Peter asks after Nathan, and Tobby tells him that the finest doctors in the world are working on him, but the situation is dire.

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