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Meeeemmmmory! All Alone In The Moooonliiiiight!

Elsewhere in the hospital, Micah and Niki go to visit D.L. Hugs and kisses all around! The doctor shows up and asks Niki to step outside. She walks out into the hallway, and I almost can't concentrate on the scene because HOLY SHIT WHAT IS SHE WEARING ON HER FEET? What are those, silver cowboy boots? Worn on the outside of her black jeans? Really? Is this what it's come to? Is she attending the gay rodeo later on the back of her My Pink Pony? What, would a pair of regular damn cowboy boots have been out of the question? Is Pat Fields doing some consulting work on the show this week? Is Peter going to show up wearing a yellow plaid halter with purple polka dot hot pants and a furry white pimp hat later? The hell?

Niki tells the doctor that they don't have insurance to cover the costs and would he consider taking her silver boots as payment? The doctor just smiles and tells her that the silver boots wouldn't cover the cost of the bedpan beneath D.L.'s butt, but not to worry -- the bill's been taken care of. Niki wants to know by whom, and that's when Tobby steps up and introduces himself. The doctor leaves, and Tobby asks if she's seen a morning newspaper. She hasn't and asks why he wants to know. He says that there wasn't a single mention of what happened last night in Kirby Plaza, nor was there any item about the untimely demise of poor Mr. Linderman. "Who the hell are you?" says Niki fearfully.

Tobby says that he's here to help and that Linderman made a mess of things, but he's here to right the ship. Niki points out that he's paid their bills -- what does he want in return? He just wants to help her with her illness. "I know you think that Jessica is gone," says Tobby, "but we've discovered that when these abilities manifest, the way the mind deals with the new reality sometimes results in a fracture of sorts. A split personality." Niki's thoroughly freaked out that Tobby knows all this, but she insists that Jessica is totally over. Tobby asks how she can be certain that another personality won't show up at some point. Uh-oh. That doesn't bode well for the future. Tobby tells her that The Company can help her, but the catch is that she has to leave her family behind. I have no idea why leaving her family behind has anything to do with getting cured -- shouldn't The Company want ALL of them behind the facility walls? Niki basically tells Tobby to go to hell, because she won't leave her family now that she's just gotten them back together. Tobby says that they have medications she can take at home, but there are side effects. Niki cries as she ponders this alternative.

The Company. Peter looks down at a plastic cup full of pretty little pills as Elle rids his head of the emo bangs once and for all. Elle must have gone to cosmetology school, because she does a damn fine job with the haircut. Peter asks if he has to take the pills every day, and Elle asserts that it's a little cocktail they cooked up to dampen his abilities -- kind of like The Haitian Sensation, only in pill form! She brings him a glass of water, and he swallows the pills in one gulp. She slinkily removes the towel from around his neck and sends some electricity into his skull. "Ow! That hurts!" "You'll get used to it," she says from the doorway. "And then you'll start to like it." Hee. Kristen Bell is awesome in this role. You just know her character tortured small animals as a child, but she was so cute, you couldn't blame her for it!

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