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Meeeemmmmory! All Alone In The Moooonliiiiight!

Vegas. Niki's practicing her "buy one of our cars" speech in front of the mirror. D.L. enters and hugs her, and they share a cute moment about having butterflies for the first day of work. He tells her that he's so happy for her that the medication worked itself out. He says he's going to take Micah to school and tells her to have a great first day. He walks out, and a new personality starts talking to Niki from the mirror. "He's gonna know you're not taking the stupid pills." Niki doesn't even turn around. "Go away, Jessica. I don't need you anymore." "What makes you think this is Jessica?" says the personality. Niki turns around and looking out of the mirror is a seemingly younger, flirtier version of Niki. "Remember me? That summer you ran away to L.A. and told everyone to call you Gina?"

Niki says that she's not real, and Gina insists that she is and that she for sure isn't going to go and sell cars; she's going to go back to L.A. to play. Niki insists that she's in control and that if she can handle Jessica, she can handle a bimbo like Gina. "Then why aren't you taking your meds?" asks Gina with a smile. And just like that, Niki's behind the glass, and Gina's out in the open. "No!" shouts Niki, slamming her hand against the surface as Gina saunters off to get rid of that hideous poly-blend jacket. Jesus, how many personalities does this chick have? And why are they all better coiffed than Niki?

The Company. Peter's trying to get Tobby to let him out to visit Nathan. Tobby starts out by saying that this will be possible, just not right now, but the more Peter presses, the quicker Tobby drops his façade of concern and just balls-out says that Peter leaving the facility just ain't gonna happen. He leaves, and Peter shouts, "I'm never getting out of here, am I?" Tobby ignores him as he passes by both of the cells. "Suddenly the room starts to feel like a cage," says Adam. Peter doesn't understand. "If they're not gonna help us, then why are we here?" "To keep us from being out there," says Adam. "Why, because we're dangerous?" "No, Peter. Because we can save the world."

This definitely piques Peter's interest, and he starts listening intently to what Adam has to say. "Years ago, I tried to take my abilities public," he says. "I thought that if everyone knew that my blood had curing powers, I could help. How naïve I was." "That's why they put you in here," says Peter. "Well, if it were possible to kill me, they would have, I assure you. Instead, I am locked up in here when I could be curing your brother." Now Peter's REALLY interested. He asks how this could be done, and Adam tells him that just a small amount of his blood could allow Nathan to regenerate and heal. Peter thinks about this for a moment and then stands up. "So how do we get out?" he grits.

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