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Meeeemmmmory! All Alone In The Moooonliiiiight!

Cut to a building on fire. At first I thought it was Elle, having what for her counts as a fun Friday night, but once D.L. came into view in full firefighter regalia, I realized that this is D.L.'s new job. A woman is screaming that her daughter's still inside, and D.L. makes like a hero and runs right back inside. The fire gets worse, blowing out windows, but D.L. phases right through a solid wall with the little girl in his arms. Everyone, of course, thinks it's kind of weird that he managed to rescue the girl through what remains as a solid fucking wall, but they quickly ignore the bleeding obvious when the chance to praise someone for being a hero is dangled before them.

Later that night, Micah sees his father's heroic rescue on the TV, and he rushes to hug D.L. when he comes through the door. He's very excited that his father's a real bona fide hero. D.L. asks where Niki is, and the second Micah tells him she hasn't gotten home from work yet, he immediately senses that something's wrong. He goes into their bedroom and sees "Gone to L.A. C Ya!" scrawled on the mirror in red lipstick. He surmises that Jessica's back.

One Month Ago. Elle enters Peter's cell, drops his meds on the table, and turns to leave. Peter stops her and asks if she's not going to give him a little jolt. When she moves closer, he grabs her around the waist and pulls her down onto his lap, saying that he's started liking their little electricity sessions almost as much as he's started liking her. She smiles and starts to jolt his hand, but he kisses her instead. Damn, they're sexy together. It could be just that Milo and Kristen are just really good actors and therefore have chemistry with EVERYONE, but remember Simone? Yeah -- Tawny and Milo? Not so much. So they kiss, but Elle kind of jolts him with electricity through her mouth and they pull back, surprised and a little bit excited.

He gets up and takes his pills, and she presses up against his back, asking him if he's had enough fun for one day. He just sexily smiles at her and hands her his empty pill cup and water glass. She takes them and leaves, and the second she's gone, he spits the pills out and flushes them down the toilet. He tells Adam that it's his fifth day without the meds, and Adam tells him that it's time to try. I'm not even going to nitpick that there are security cameras in both their rooms that are probably supposed to be picking up their voices AND movements, because I'm digging this episode so far, and I really don't want to screw it up for myself right now.

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