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They're Baaaaaaack

Bennett doesn't give a crap about the formula -- he wants The List. "Who's on that list is of grave importance," says Bennett. "You've come for it?" asks Mohinder. "You want to find them?" "Why do you seem so worried?" asks Bennett calmly. "Are you on The List?" Mohinder doesn't answer. "You've no doubt realized that things can go terribly wrong with these abilities," Bennett continues. "If you work with me, we can control that." "If and when I do figure out this List," says Mohinder, "the first thing I'm going to do is warn these people. About you." He's framed rather weirdly from the point of view of the gun on the table, but I think the director was going for a kind of comic book angle, so I'll let it ride. It looks fuzzy and strange, but if it were illustrated, maybe it'd look cooler? I don't know.

"Together we could actually make a difference," says Bennett. "Sorry, not interested," grits Mohinder. Bennett grabs his gun and gets up. Instead of shooting him, though, Bennett just holsters his weapon and hands Mohinder his business card, telling him to contact him when he's changed his mind. He leaves, and Mohinder stares down the card that launched a million browsers.

Mindreader Mansion. Oh, yawn. Loves me some Greg Grunberg, but hates me some of this storyline. Matt enters and sees his wife's bag sitting on the table. She says that she took out the suitcase this morning, but she hasn't packed it yet. They look at each other. She says she knows they're in trouble and that most of it is her fault and he says that they need to start being completely honest with each other. She agrees. And then... Matt tells her he can read minds. What this has to do with their marriage or making it work or life in general, I have NO idea. Mrs. Matt is all, uh... I want to fix our marriage and you're talking about fucking mind-reading? Greaaaaat. He sits her down and tells her to think of a number between one and a million. She laughs but appears to think about it. We don't get to see the result of this interaction because we cut to...

... Peter, lying in his hospital bed. He's doing some serious R.E.M. acting here. We head back to the Future Dream. We get flashes of everything again, but Peter's no longer wearing the trench coat he was wearing in the original dream and he looks a little more aware of what's going on around him. We catch glimpses of Christopher Eccleston here and there. Peter sees a downed bike in the middle of the street and then immediately we switch to the Petrelli campaign headquarters sign. Nathan's exiting his building. More flashes of the dream. I'm not recapping all of it because we'll be here all night. I'm sure someone much more industrious than I has already screen-capped every last shot and analyzed it for hours on end. We get a longer glimpse of Christopher Eccleston, laughing his merry-bearded head off at Peter or something else. Peter's definitely got the gift for future-viewing because everything he's seeing about Christopher Eccleston pretty much happens here in a few minutes.

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