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They're Baaaaaaack

Mama Petrelli goes off on the doctors, saying that none of them have any idea what's wrong with her son. Nathan comments that they think it has something to do with his heart. Mama P's all, twenty-six years old and he's gonna die of a heart attack? I don't THINK so. She stomps off to take a bite out of the medical staff's collective ass. Simone sits on Peter's bed. "I wish I knew what was goin' on in there," she says. Well, it's really not all that interesting, Simone; just a bunch of superhero characters running around, screaming, trying to get away from your exploding lover. Nathan, who looks exhausted, tells Simone that just before Peter lapsed into the coma, he told his brother that he thought he was absorbing too many powers.

Simone somehow gets that Nathan's giving her a dig and says that Peter wanted to see the death painting, so she showed it to him. Nathan rips at her about how she had to know that Peter would obsessively follow the painting all the way to Texas. Simone says that it was important to Peter. "You really believe all this crap?" says Nathan. "Future paintings? The end of the world?" You know, I appreciate that Nathan has a healthy sense of skepticism when it comes to superpowers and the supernatural, but, um, isn't he the one who, I don't know, SHOT INTO THE AIR LIKE A ROCKET AND THEN LANDED IN THE DAMN NEVADA DESERT? Like, I get that someone who is just discovering they have unusual abilities might be a scosh reluctant to believe that future paintings and time travel and super-strength are all real, but COME ON. You've FLOWN, Nathan. And you've done it more than once! It's not like you've just SEEN someone fly! Enough with the, "Santa Claus doesn't exist" bullshit, dude. Get with the fucking program already.

Simone just says that she knows that Peter believes in this stuff and she believes in him, so if Nathan could just STEP OFF and start believing in his brother too, maybe he'd get out of the damn coma and stop dreaming about exploding hands. Nathan orders Simone to show him some proof that all this shit is real. "I've been in this damn hospital for two weeks waiting for something to happen," he says, putting on his coat, "and I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit around and watch my brother die. Take me to the artist. I want to see what's worth all this." Simone gets up to leave, and Nathan stops at his brother's side, leans over, PAUSES, then lays the longest, sweetest kiss on Peter's cheek that I've ever seen from a heterosexual man IN MY LIFE. Don't care if they're Italian, y'all -- Pasdar's totally fucking with us. A kiss on the forehead? Good. A kiss on the cheek that is about a millimeter from Milo's mouth? Better. And fucking hilarious. Also? He rasps, "I love you, man" before he walks off. Hee. Hee hee hee hee hee. That shit better show up in a series of outtakes on the Heroes DVDs, yo. Like, I want a whole section devoted to the BroYay. I seriously think that Pasdar and Venti sit around their trailers concocting ways to bring more BroYay into their scenes. I could not love them more if they were covered in cotton candy.

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