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They're Baaaaaaack

Domestic Disturbances Domicile. With Niki gone, D.L. has had to take over the care and feeding of Micah. Unfortunately, his idea of "care and feeding" amounts to "slapping refrigerated peanut butter all over white bread and smacking it down on a plate with a bunch of roughed-up apples." Micah ribs his dad about his lack of culinary skills and they enjoy some silly time. That is until D.L. notices that Micah has a bruise on his forehead. He's been fighting at school because some kid called Niki a psycho killer. Well, she kind of is, but that's still rude. Instead of lecturing Micah on the joys of not fighting back against schoolyard bullies, D.L. just assures his son that, even though it's tough right now with Niki gone, they're going to make it on their own.

There's a knock at the door and D.L. goes to answer it. A guy in a suit with a fat head is there and he introduces himself as "Aaron Malski" and says that D.L. should have been expecting him. "I take it you have it here?" asks Malski, which is an awesome name for what I'm assuming is a dirty, scummy, evil piece of rat turd like this guy. D.L. nods Malski inside and shuts the door. (By the way, closed captioning is spelling this guys name this way; elsewhere on the Interwebs, it seems to be spelled "Aron Malsky." Either way, it's an awesomely greasy name.)

Once inside the house, D.L. asks if the charges against him have been dropped and Malski informs him that Niki's confession took care of that. Basically, Hawkins is now a free man. Malski reaches out for a case that's in D.L.'s hand. He hands it over without hesitating. Malski goes to leave and D.L. says, "So that's it? Linderman leaves me and my family alone?" "Oh, I wouldn't bank on that, no," smarms Malski. D.L.'s all, but you got back your two million! That was the deal! "There is no deal, Mr. Hawkins," says Malski, "unless Mr. Linderman says there's a deal. You took something of his. And he reserves the right to let you make that up to him. Believe me. You'll be the first to find out when he chooses to call in that debt. You have a nice day now." He leaves and D.L. punches the wall in frustration.

Samurai Sword Museum. Hiro is telling the story of the samurai the sword belonged to. His name was Takezo Kensei, and Hiro's father used to tell him stories about the man before bed. Kensei was a wild savage with extraordinary powers who was feared by all of Japan. One day, he found a sacred sword frozen in the snow. "From the moment Kensei held it," says Hiro, "it focused all his strength. He said the sword let him control his power. And so he became a great leader. A hero." Hmm. Wonder if there's any parallel storytelling going on here?

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