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Save the Cheerleader -- Check. Save the World -- Not So Much.

She runs right into Peter, who asks if she's okay. They both turn and see Sylar in the distance and Peter orders Claire to get the hell out of there. Very brave, Peter, but Sylar's not your average psycho. As is soon evidenced by Sylar flicking his little finger and all the locker doors flinging off their hinges in Peter's general direction. Peter's like, uh, fuck this, and he runs off too. Bennet runs into the locker room and sees Jackie's body on the ground, pooled in blood. He thinks it's Claire at first, but quickly realizes it's Jackie. The doors to the school open up and Claire comes running out, screaming. She bolts up the Greek Forum stairs with Peter following directly behind her. He catches up to her as Sylar's shadow appears in the doorway. He grabs her arm and they run up the stairs together, basically proving wrong Isaac's painting of Claire being shadowed by the evil Sylar on the steps.

They idiotically stop at the top of the stairs to have a little chat about just who Sylar is and what he wants, and then Peter tells Claire to run and find people and lights because Sylar doesn't want to be seen. Clearly, Sylar isn't too worried about that, seeing as he's just stalking after them in plain sight. Claire's all, but what about you? Peter heroically tells her not to worry about him and then shouts at her rather viciously to get the hell out of there. Damn. That was kind of sexy. Might have to watch that again. Or get a date. One or the other. Claire runs off and suddenly, Sylar's right there, his telekinesis somehow giving him the ability to transverse great distances in a single bound. He grabs Peter and suddenly, they fall over an edge or something and smack! They're done. Just like that. They're both dead.

Or are they... ?

After the commercials, Claire comes running out to Peter. It's twelve minutes after eight, according to the clock. Oh, and Sylar's nowhere to be found. As Claire nears Peter, he suddenly comes to, although he's a bloody mess. Also? The cut on his temple and cheek greatly resemble the freaky "S" symbol without the hatch marks in the middle. Interesting. Peter's sputtering and spewing and Claire's stunned that someone else on the planet has her miraculous ability. Peter starts hilariously straightening out his various body parts as Claire watches. His cuts and scrapes all disappear. "How did you --" Claire begins, but Peter cuts her off, asking where Sylar is. She doesn't know. Peter tells her to go get the police and she runs off, saying she'll be back. She stops and asks him his name. "Peter," he says, gasping for air. "I'm Claire," she says, smiling. "Are you the one?" asks Peter. "By saving you, did I save the world?" "I don't know," she says. "I'm just a cheerleader." Aw. They really are kind of sweet together. I mean, as sweet as you can be when you're covered in blood and your limbs are all twisted.

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