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Save the Cheerleader -- Check. Save the World -- Not So Much.

Claire runs toward the football game and comes across her father. They embrace and he tells her that she's okay and Claire starts to tell him everything and that they have to go back for Peter. Bennet says that Peter will be fine and that the police will take care of everything. He tells her she's lucky to be alive and she says it's not luck. "I have something I have to tell you," she says.

Before we can learn what that something is, we catch up with Sylar, who's grunting and gruffing his way up a hill. Eden's calmly waiting for him. He starts to throw some superpower her way, but she just tells him that he doesn't want to hurt her. Suddenly, Sylar stops. "We just need to talk," she continues. "You can tell me all about yourself. But first, go to sleep." When she says "go to sleep," there's a weird echo to it that's a nice effect. "You need to sleep," she says, again with the weird echo. Sylar hesitates, and the Mindblower (a.k.a. "The Haitian") shows up and does something to Sylar's head and he drops like a stone.

Back at the school, the police are arriving. Peter looks down and sees his leg all twisted around and quickly jams it back into proper alignment. Heh. We hear one of the cops saying that the janitor identified Peter as the "guy in the overcoat." Considering that Sylar also was wearing an overcoat, this isn't the most accurate identification known to mankind here. Also, the fact that Peter's covered in blood probably isn't going to help matters. Long story short, the cops arrest Peter for the murder of Jackie the Cheertator. Peter protests, but they're not listening.

India and the Neverending Moyawnder Story. Moyawnder's mother walks up to him and asks him if he's going back to New York. He says that his father's theory was correct, and asks why Papa Suresh never told him. His mother tells him that his father wanted him to live his own life. She wants to know what he'll do, now that he knows about them. Moyawnder says he'll find them and tell them who they are, if they don't know already. Warn them of the dangers they'll face. She asks who will protect him. They hold hands and Moyawnder doesn't answer.

DL and Micah are STILL at the damn diner in Utah, even though, like, seven hours have passed. DL says that their next stop is Vegas, and Micah says they don't need to go back there because he's already called Niki and told her where they are. She's on her way to meet them. DL rightly thinks this isn't such a good idea. He tells his son to get in the car and then runs to his own door. Moyawnder's voice over tells us that we are all, at our cores, the sum of our fears. We see ikiN, up in the hills, taking aim at DL. Moyawnder says that in order to embrace our destiny, we must conquer our fears. ikiN takes a shot, but we don't see where it lands. Instead, we head back to the Burnt Toast Diner and see the waitress pour another cup of coffee for Ando. The camera passes behind her...

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