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Save the Cheerleader -- Check. Save the World -- Not So Much.

The principal congratulates everyone as the girls shove their way toward the list. Claire shortly discovers that she actually WON queen. Jackie's so pissed, her dark roots are turning bright green with envy. Suddenly, a group of kids in the distance start cheering Claire's name and we see that Zach's leading the cheer, with a motley bunch of freaks and geeks to support him. Claire laughs her ass off as Jackie yells at them to shut the hell up. Heh.

Isaac's Studio. Nathan's unpacking a large painting. He checks with Simone to make sure she hasn't told Peter about Nathan's request to see it. Weirdly, he doesn't seem to know it's actually by Isaac Mendez, even though, if Nathan had to call Linderman to request it, he'd have to at least know the artist's name. Also? Does Simone work for Linderman now? Because... this makes no damn sense. Nathan picks up the painting and he and Simone look at it. "Is that Peter?" asks Nathan. "I don't know," says Simone. We don't see the painting, but apparently, Union Wells High School makes an appearance somewhere on it and Simone comments that Peter thinks he has to go there to save a cheerleader or something. "Peter thinks that if he saves the cheerleader, he'll save the world."

Nathan asks if that's the only copy, and Simone says it is. He then walks over to a table with paint on it and starts to put on plastic gloves as he talks about how Peter has all these whack-ass crazy ideas and delusions of grandeur. Then he opens up a can of paint. As Simone freaks out at him, he just calmly splashes black paint all over the painting, ruining our chances of seeing just what Peter is doing in the painting and if it involves anything like, say, saving a cheerleader. Simone is crestfallen. Nathan believes he's saving Peter's life. Simone shoots him a look. "What?" says Nathan. "You believe him? 'Save the cheerleader, save the world'?" Nathan just smirks at her as she says she isn't sure what to believe anymore. "I am," he says, removing the gloves with a snap. Heh. Adrian Pasdar can make the littlest gesture sort of dirty-sexy, you know? Much like Daniel Craig can make ordering a martini sound like, "Take your panties off, immediately."

Gunshots. ikiN (we know it's ikiN because she has the "S" tattoo on her shoulder; also? I refuse to call her Jessica because... I just do) is taking shots at a target in the distance. The gun she's using is an extremely sleek sniper rifle and she clearly knows how to use it. She asks some scummy guy behind her what the range is on the gun, and he tells her it's been known to pierce body armor from 400 yards away. "That'll work," she sneers. She walks away with the gun and you can practically hear the "cha-ching" in her hips as she goes. She comments that she's going to use the gun on her husband because he took her son. I'm sure Scummy will forget about that when the cops somehow trace the empty bullet casings back to him in the near future. He asks for two thousand bucks for the gun and ikiN tosses it at him. He walks away, and she looks in the side mirror of a van. The reflection in the mirror is Niki and she looks concerned (and trapped) as ikiN grins at her. "We're goin' huntin'," she says, snapping her gum. I know ikiN's a moderately evil person, but I really do like her more than Niki. She's just more colorful. You know, like circus clowns are colorful. I mean, circus clowns who go on murderous rampages.

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