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Save the Cheerleader -- Check. Save the World -- Not So Much.

Isaac's Studio. Peter's walking toward Simone all, hey, what the hell's so important you called me to meet you here? Also? Milo V. is adorably bow-legged. I have a thing for bow-legged guys. It's why I like soccer players. That, and they always seem to take their shirts off. Of which I am a VERY big fan. Simone tells Peter about Nathan buying the painting from Linderman. Peter's all, uh, all I see here is a big canvas filled with black paint. The hell? Simone tells him about Nathan trying to save him from his own fate. Peter asks her to describe the painting to him. She's like, you seriously believe this shit? Peter's like, dude. You have no idea. If YOU had some strange Japanese guy show up in your subway car to tell you to save the cheerleader, you'd start believing this shit too.

Simone seems to make a decision. She turns to her bag and pulls out a picture of the painting. Um, where was that picture FIVE EPISODES AGO when Peter wanted it? It might have saved us the trouble of having Nathan buy it from Linderman (and why HE'D want it anyway is a total fucking mystery to me in the first place) just so he could spray it with black paint. This is a really stupid plot device, if you ask me. I know you didn't ask me, but I am TELLING YOU ANYWAY. Whatever. Simone says the digital image came with the painting, and we finally get to see it. It would appear to be Peter, dead, with all his limbs all twisted around, lying beneath a banner that says "Union Wells High School Homecoming." The clock beneath the banner reads 8:12.

Simone asks if it's him, and Peter says he doesn't know. "If it's you, then you're gonna die," she says. She tells him not to go and he calmly says that he has to. God, he's cute when he's being earnest. Simone informs him that the high school is in Odessa, Texas; she made a phone call to find out. "Homecoming is tonight," she says as Peter grabs her and holds her to him. Aw. "Thank you," he whispers into her hair. "Look," she says, "I don't know if this is gonna happen. Just... come back, okay?" Aw. "I will," he assures her, holding her face. They kiss a couple of times. Good god, Milo is far too adorable for his own good. I'm not a Gilmore Girls fan (do NOT email me), but now I'm thinking about renting the DVDs just to catch a glimpse of the Milo. Rowr.

Burnt Toast Diner. Hiro's cell phone rings and Ando picks up all, "Mushy mushy! Hiro? HIRO?!" But it's just Peter, asking for Hiro. Ando says Hiro is gone, but he'll be right back. Peter tells him that he and Hiro need to get their asses to the Union Wells High School in Odessa, Texas ASAP. Ando says they're already in Texas, what a coincidence! He gives Peter the information on where the café is, and Peter says he's going to get on a flight and that he'll be there before they know it. Ando says he'll tell Hiro and then hangs up. A waitress passes by him and stops at a shrine in the corner. There are pictures of Charlie (and of course Hiro, who somehow managed to go back in time to Charlie's birthday six months ago and wound up in her birthday photo) and her nametag and one of her signed checks. Wait -- wasn't she just killed earlier that day? There's already a damn shrine to her? Wouldn't the place be crawling with cops and forensics people? I know it's a small town, but the girl's SCALP was removed! I'm thinking there's a little more WORK to be done before people start burning candles in a corner.

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