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Fake Paper Company with a Secret Nefarious Organization Hidden in One of the Wings. Mr. Bennet is looking at a painting of what appears to be a person made entirely of flames. He angrily enters Isaac's room, where Eden is gently ministering to a passed-out Isaac, and informs her that the painting is useless. Eden snaps at Bennet that he can't just fill Isaac with drugs and expect the response he's looking for. Isaac's a person. A person with needs. Needs that can only be fulfilled by little pixie girls with the power of persuasion. Bennet orders her to make Isaac paint another one as soon as he wakes up. Eden refuses to give him drugs again. "Do you have any idea what we're up against?" Bennet asks her. "Come here."

They head into a room, and Bennet shows her a selection of pictures from the Stolen Brain Scrapbook. "Sylar wants to do that to my Claire," says Bennet, "and I'm going to do whatever I have to do to stop him." Eden understands, but she thinks that Isaac can't help them. Bennet finally acquiesces, telling Eden to go to the high school and use the paintings as a guide. She's to wait for Sylar. "You'll have help," he says. "When the time is right, neutralize him." Wait, so, he's been shoving heroin into Isaac's veins in an effort to locate Sylar, but now he just wants Eden to hang out around the forty-yard line until Sylar shows up? That's a plan? Pretty crappy plan, as far as I can tell. Bennet says he'll keep Claire safe at home. Eden's all, but it's homecoming! Bennet's all, worry about the brain-eater and I'll worry about Claire!

Speaking of Claire, she's wandering the grounds of her high school, getting congratulated on winning homecoming queen by an array of oddly interesting students. Claire comments to Zach that everybody who wasn't her friend is now her friend and everybody who was her friend now isn't. How the hell did THAT happen? Zach tells her that it's not a popularity contest; it's an unpopularity contest, and she rocked the freak vote. He tells her that everybody who's like Jackie voted for Jackie, and everyone who isn't voted for Claire. "In this school, the unpopular vastly outnumber the popular," he says. "Made for a good campaign strategy." Claire's all, uh, whuh? You campaigned for me? But you hate this shit. Zach's all, I do, but I know how much it means to you and I'm your super-thanks-for-asking gay-non-boyfriend, so I worked some freak magic for you. Aw.

He pulls a book out of his locker and wouldn't you know, it's Papa Suresh's book. And this time, Erick Avari really IS on the back cover. Zach thought Claire would appreciate the chapter on spontaneous regeneration. She looks at him with a stunned expression on her face. "What's with you?" asks Zach. "You're... being so nice," says Claire. "I've never been this nice to you. I mean, I've been nice, but I could be nicer." Zach looks at her shrewdly. "Then why don't you?" Man, I like him. He's sort of totally awesome. Jackie ruins the moment by coming up and fakely congratulating Claire. "Mmm, is the gay boy your date?" she snots in Zach's direction. "You should tell him, only one of you gets to wear the tiara." Jackie smirks at them both, and Claire gets this look on her face that's like, "Oh no you di'in't!" And then she hauls off and decks Jackie. Ha!

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