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Hiro again looks like he's got a headache, although that could be due to Ando's excited babbling about how cool it is to see time frozen. Hiro realizes it's because they were touching when he used his power, which is lame, because I was hoping it actually had something to do with Ando. Anyway, this quickly devolves into yet another argument about how Hiro doesn't want to be partners with Ando and blah, although Hiro does do my job for me when he suggests that "Crimson Arc" has "unfortunate connotations." Ando refuses to clear his rectum, however, so Hiro puts an end to the bickering by unfreezing the commandos, leading to Ando taking enough tranq darts to bring down most land animals, or at least to give Amy Winehouse a really good buzz. Hiro then freezes the scene again, and soon notices that one of the commandos is Asian. He copies the position in which the guy's holding his rifle, and comments, "Just my size." The gun's like, "I highly doubt that."

Danko and his team approach an old building, and he tells them that Rebel is "somewhere inside." Just go with it. He has the power to the building and those surrounding it cut, and inside, we see Micah look worried as the lights go out, as well he might, as it means he's got no access to machines. The team moves, but Sylar hangs back, and when one of the agents notices he's missing, he turns around, but Sylar's already gone. Not that anything's going to come of that, but I'm glad at least one of these crack commandos isn't, you know, blind.

Micah's heading out, but Sylar turns up in that way of his, and they stare at each other into the commercial break. When we return, Micah is telling Sylar he should join his own kind, because the other side doesn't know him. "They can't see how special you are. You can save us all." If it turns out Sylar's shifting into Micah's form here, that's it for me for this recap. But no, Sylar merely looks like an eight-year-old who's just heard his first koan...

...so while his mind is being blown, we'll just cut to the commandos' truck, which is on its way back to Building 26. Ando, sitting amongst the commandos, is drugged up and unconscious, but Hiro surreptitiously slides his foot forward and then freezes time. He takes the drug shunt out and wakes Ando up and tells him he turned off the "medicine," but he has to play possum. Ando barely has time to bitch about this before Hiro restarts time, only to have the guy next to him suddenly clue in that he's wearing glasses. Ando, no believer in Hiro's ability to talk himself out of tight situations, takes matters into his own hands by lighting up the inside of the truck, and next thing you know, it's pulled off the road and he and Hiro are the only ones conscious. Admirably, Hiro keeps his complaining about this development to a minimum, instead grabbing a GPS off one of the commandos. The two of them start off on foot...

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