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...while back at the darkened building, Danko gets an alert that Rebel is making a break for it. Cut to Micah being chased down a pier by the agents -- only it's Sylar in Micah's form, which I guess means that tomorrow he's going to be complaining to Danko about how he woke up with his hair in floppy curls. We see the real Micah observing what's going on as Sylar gets surrounded, and the one commando that can talk, the guy who noticed Sylar was missing before, hesitates at "Rebel's" tender years, forcing Danko to exhort the guy to go through with it several times. He finally succeeds, but not before Noah Gray-Cabey gives everyone a very Sylar-esque lopsided smirk. Sylar pitches himself into the water, and as Danko and the agents look over the pier to try to spot the body, Micah decides he's seen enough and runs for the nearest power plant...

...and we fade to later, as Sylar is just joining Danko at the pier, the other agents presumably having already gone home. Danko notes that it's unlike Sylar not to have killed Micah himself, particularly given what a juicy power he's got, but Sylar gives a convincing enough explanation about how he's having enough trouble with the abilities he's already got. Danko confesses they couldn't find Micah's body, and wonders if he should worry about it, but Sylar points out he's not a healer, so what could be the problem? Danko seems to accept that as he changes the subject to some new information they've gotten on dozens of "specials," saying he'll need Sylar to go after the more dangerous ones, and he can start that night. "Just as soon as you change your face." Go on, hunt them as Crazy Snow Globe Woman! And speaking of whom...

...Micah wakes up to witness a conversation between Sylar and "Virginia," and if the kid weren't so seemingly well-adjusted I'd be afraid this would be enough to send him over the edge. Sylar's questioning why he saved Micah, while "Virginia" opines that Sylar empathizes with Micah being lost and alone, with no one to love him. "Virginia" then sees Micah and turns back into Sylar, and Sylar explains that he can absorb people's DNA. Micah says that Niki could do "kind of " the same thing, which seems dubious at best to me but I'm not slowing down now, and adds that it made her "kind of " crazy, but she fought back and became a hero. Sylar growls, "I am not your mother," which is more unintentional hilarity on his part because duh, but Micah is undeterred, saying Sylar could change into someone who could make a difference -- like Nathan! Sylar boots Micah out with a warning that he'll kill him if their paths cross again, and Micah bails without further ado, which shows me at least one of the two of them knows when he's overstayed his welcome. Not that that means I don't want Micah on the show more, because I do -- he's actually the one who understands how things work, you know?

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