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We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day.

Back with Nikki, she's passed out on the bed and the phone is ringing off the hook. We hear her voice on the answering machine and then Micah's voice telling her that he hates it at Big Hair's house and he wants her to come and get him. Nikki slowly wakes and touches her cheek, wincing. As she gets up, she sees the fat thug on the floor, covered in blood, dead. Her sheets are drenched in it as well. She looks over to her left and Greaso is dead too, with a big slice of mirror sticking out of his neck. She's thoroughly freaked out. She sees that the camera is still on and goes over to grab it. When she does, she suddenly sees the big mirror across the way, and her reflection in it. Only this time, the mirror is shattered and the reflection in it not only has a totally different posture and facial expression, it's also covered with large splatters of blood. As Nikki watches, her other self brings a finger up to her lips and goes, "Shhhhh." Whoaaaaaa.

After the break, Peter gets a phone call from Simone. She wants him to meet her at her dad's place and she sounds really panicked. Peter tells her he'll be there in ten and tells Suresh that he'll hop out right here. He gives money to Suresh and they exchange a momentary glance of meaningfulness. Peter leaves and another passenger gets in the back. Suresh asks where he's going and the passenger, who just happens to be wearing the same glasses as the Bad Glasses Man back in Madras, India, tells Suresh he's going to JFK. They drive off. Bad Glasses Man starts talking about his family and how he misses them. Then he asks Suresh what kind of name "Suresh" is, and Suresh immediately gets all, "how the fuck did you know my name?" on him. Bad Glasses Man points out that it's right there on his cab license. Big Glasses Man starts ham-fistedly talking about Suresh's father and how he's not teaching anymore and Suresh very quickly picks up on the fact that this guy knows way too much. "Probably lots of 'Sureshes' where you're from," says Bad Glasses Man, "like 'Smith' or 'Anderson'." Heh. Nice Matrix reference. Suresh doesn't enjoy it, though, and he immediately peels around and dumps the car as soon as he can, sprinting away into the recesses of New York. Bad Glasses Man gets out of the car and looks after Suresh with a creepy smile on his face.

Oh, lord. Claire's mother is a dog breeder. And not just any breed of dog. No. It's one of those damn puffy-ass dogs I can't stand. I hate puffy animals. If I pet an animal and come away with eight pounds of fluff and dander, someone's going to have to restrain me because there'll likely be a shaved animal in the near vicinity relatively quickly. Anyway, Mrs. Bennett is blathering on and on about her stupid puffball of a dog as Claire delivers the food to the table for dinner. Mrs. Bennett asks the kids what they did today and Claire's brother says he and his friend saw a homeless Mexican guy they thought was dead. Claire's brother is an asshole. I just thought you'd want to know. Claire looks straight at her mother and says, "I walked through fire and I didn't get burned." There's a beat where no one really knows what to say. Then Little Bro just goes, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" And Mrs. B commends Claire for being "really profound." She continues to blah blah blah about how people come up against all sorts of fires in their lives and when "we test ourselves and face our fears, we usually don't get burned." Claire whips out a samurai sword and cuts her own head off and goes, "How's THIS for not getting burned, Momma?!" Or she just stares at her mother while she talks to the dog in a baby voice. I hate that dog. And I'm growing increasingly less fond of that mother.

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