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We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day.

Tokyo. Buddy's returning from the bar with a couple of beers, only Hiro's nowhere to be found. There's a commotion over by the girl's bathroom and Hiro's getting dragged out by a couple of security guards. As he passes Buddy, he goes, "YAHOOOOO!" and gives him a thumbs up. I adore him. Hiro gets tossed out into the street and Buddy follows after him. Hiro's all, I teleported into the girl's bathroom! Buddy's all, ENOUGH WITH THAT SHIT. Hiro quickly walks away, unconcerned that Buddy doesn't believe him. "Why do you want to be different?" says Buddy. "Why do you want to be the same?" says Hiro. Buddy says that's what he is and Hiro says that's what everyone is. Homogenous. Yogurt. Only he says it in Japanese, so it's, "Yogurato," which is killing me right now. Hiro says he wants to be special and Buddy says they're not special; they're Japanese. Hiro's like, whatever man. I wanna boldly go where no man has gone before. Because there is no sci-fi but Star Trek, apparently. And old Star Trek at that. Buddy's all, that's right! You're special! "You're Super-Hiro!" Which... hee. I could wind up loving or hating this show, but I will always be a fan of Super-Hiro.

Simone and Peter are at her father's place and she's ripping the joint apart looking for morphine. Peter's confused -- her father isn't about to die just yet; what's with the morphine search? She says she needs him to come with her someplace and he's like, uh, but you just asked me to come HERE. He says he needs to tell her something and she's too busy rushing around looking for drugs to bother listening to him. Peter doesn't seem to care because he starts talking about his destiny and what he's supposed to be and Simone is like, seriously, dude? MORPHINE. Gotta go! She says that he's a nurse, so he can give someone a shot and help him. Peter's all, help who?

House of Puffy Dogs. Claire's doing the dishes because, in addition to being indestructible and popular, she's also a house elf or something. Seriously. Put that little shit of a brother to work, okay? Her mom brings in the napkins and stuff and talks about going to the movies on Saturday and doing some mall-time. Claire seems less than enthused. "I love you, Mom," says Claire. "But?" says her mother. Oh, NICE response, Mom. Claire just asserts that she loves her, but her mom is all, I know you think I'm trying to be your best friend again and how you hate that and apparently, I suck and whatever. Claire says they can go to the movies together, it's fine, and her mother blah blahs about how she wants to be close again, and how Claire might push her away and Claire absentmindedly removes her class ring and it falls down the garbage disposal. Instead of turning it off, Claire just reaches right down into the disposal and grabs her ring. When she brings her hand back up, it is seriously gnarly, y'all. It's bloody and bent and looks like the root end of a tree that's been uprooted by a storm. Only with blood on it. And some roots missing. Claire looks at her hand as it just... straightens itself out and tries to return to normal.

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