In His Own Image

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We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day.

He enters his father's apartment and sees a pair of glasses on a table. He seems to be confused as to why they're there. He opens up a box of files entitled "GENESIS." He pages through them, and there are files named "Rapid Cell Regeneration" and "Teleportation" inside. He goes to a large map on the wall and starts rearranging push pins as the camera slides past into another room where some guy stands, paging through documents. His face is unseen. His cell phone rings and Suresh hears it and realizes that he's not alone. He quickly scrambles to get his digital camera as we hear the unknown man say to someone on the phone that Suresh's father left behind everything but his computer, and that they should have a team come in and bag-and-tag everything. Suresh takes a quick digital picture of the map and takes the pushpin out of New York on the map. He disappears out the door seconds before the unknown man comes into the room. He picks up the glasses on the table and puts them on as ominous music plays. Oooh. He's just like Cigarette-Smoking Man only with glasses! He's Bad Glasses Man!

Phew. That was a lot of exposition there in a small amount of time. Good thing the next five minutes are devoted to Ali Larter slinking around in her undies.

We switch to a dusky bed in the middle of nowhere as a blonde girl waves her ass into a digital movie camera. She rolls around slowly on the bed and finally turns over, removing her blouse. We see that the camera is attached to a laptop on a table. Just as she's about to remove her bra, the computer starts beeping and she runs over to type in that the time's up for whatever masturbating individual is watching her. He wants more. She tells him it'll cost another $39 bucks and he calls her a bitch because she won't show him her cooter for free. I'd say she's more of a good businesswoman, but whatever. She walks across the room and passes a mirror and, as she does, a part of her kind of warps out of the reflection and we hear whispering. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Nikki Sanders and she strips to make ends meet while occasionally seeing weird reflections of herself in mirrors.

Nikki leaves her porn den and enters her house, calling out for her son Micah to get up and get ready for school. She goes to wake him, but he's not in his bed. In fact, he's nowhere to be found. She runs out of his room and her slow-moving other self in the mirror trails after her. She finally finds Micah in the living room, fixing his computer. She warns him to be careful, and he just says he had to build a new logic board for his computer. She tells him he's the smartest little man on the planet and then asks him what the box is on the table. It's a pinhole camera; they can watch the eclipse with it. He then kind of tries to explain an eclipse to his mother, because clearly, strippers are stupid. She tries to hustle him up to get to school, and he just tersely tells her that he's already dressed and he's packed his own lunch. "That's what I've been doing this morning. What about YOU?" She's been reorganizing her sock drawer, you rude little shit, what the hell do you THINK she's been doing? She snaps at him that she's been working to pay their bills. What, McDonald's wasn't hiring?

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