In His Own Image

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We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day.

Meanwhile, in a police station in New York, Mother Petrelli is sitting in an interview room, checking her rings and pondering a jewelry store heist when Nathan enters and starts dressing her down for her little five-finger discount excursion. Peter follows and immediately kisses his mother on the cheek and asks her if she's okay. I get it. He's the nice one. The empathetic one. You see where I'm going with this? No? Carry on, then. Mother Petrelli says that the store dropped the charges, and all she has to do is fill out a form. "No big deal." Nathan's all, NO BIG DEAL? I AM A POLITICIAN MOTHER! "Do you have any idea what this could do to me if this gets out?" he drills at her. "With our family's past?" Hm. Wonder what that past could be? A father who could leap tall buildings in a single bound? Ponder that and get back to me.

Nathan continues to berate his mother, asking her what she could possibly need so much she had to steal it? "Socks," she says simply. Nathan's turning red. "Socks? SOCKS? Dad left you a fortune! What are you thinking? You know, it's been one ridiculous stunt after another over the last six months. Dad's gone! Just get over it!" Oh, he's a warm one. Peter just holds his mother's hand and thinks about flying over and pooping on his brother's head. He tells Nathan to leave mom alone and says that she's okay and that's all that matters. Nathan just ignores him and gets on his stupid PDA and starts talking about stopping this from getting out to the press. Peter's had enough. He gets up and opens the door. "You know what? Just get outta here. Go worry about your image. I'll handle this." Nathan completely misunderstands Peter's instructions and gets all, "Yeah! Totally! Good idea!" about it. He leaves. Peter kneels down in front of his mother and gently asks what she was thinking. "I just wanted to feel alive again," she says, touching her forehead to his. Aw.

As they're walking out, Peter comments that Nathan only cares about himself, and his mother responds that their father was the same way. "Alpha dogs, both of them," she quips. "You, in the meantime, for all your selflessness, and sitting with dying people... what? You gonna retire on what you make?" "Maybe I'll shoplift my socks," he retorts. She whaps him in the stomach and tells him not to get smart with her. "When you put everyone else first, you end up last. You put Nathan first, he took advantage." Peter observes that she was just pushing Nathan right out in front of him, and she says that Nathan took up more space than him. I'm not really sure what the hell that means. She goes on to say that Peter allowed Nathan to take the spotlight, and Peter just says that Nathan's his brother and he loves him. "Love is overrated," she says. Amen to that. Peter says that Nathan loves him too, and that they've always been close. She just comments that he wears rose-colored glasses, and Peter gets pissed off that she doesn't seem to be interested in speaking anything else but the truth lately and he'd really appreciate a little editing on her part. She apologizes and says that Peter hero-worshipped Nathan and those feelings were never returned. "You're wrong," he says. "It's biological. We're... we're connected. I never told you this, but when Nathan had his accident, I knew it." His mom's all, yeah, whatever, we all got the same call. Peter says that he knew before the call. He woke up, 300 miles away, and he knew that Nathan had been hurt. She just looks at him, lightly smacks him on the cheek, and walks on down the stairs.

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