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To Stalk Or Be Stalked
oiding her. Gretchen's like, "So we're not going to talk about this?" Claire says she didn't see whatever she thinks she saw, and Gretchen spells it out for those of us who not only missed the last episode, but also the previouslies: "So, I didn't see you hurl yourself off the building and then push your bones back into place?" Claire says that's right, only not really, because she did test out the jump, push, fall thing, and it turns out Annie killed herself. Wow, Claire's a bad liar, what with the ADMITTING IT.

Claire storms back into her dorm room, and Gretchen follows her, and gets all sweet when she sees HRG. He wonders who Claire's friend is, and Claire introduces her. HRG invites Gretchen to lunch, to which Claire just says he doesn't have to do that and she's sure Gretchen has an art history paper due tomorrow, right? Gretchen says she does, but she's finished it. And she's starving. She smiles sweetly, so HRG doesn't know what a creepy stalker she is.

Back in the drug house, agents are tearing the whole place apart as Rick Worthy seethes at the suspect about how they can do this the easy way or the hard way, so why doesn't he just tell them where he hid the drugs. Suspect's still not talking, and wants to call his lawyer. That's a surprise. Matt gets in the guy's face, and Sylon taunts him to "Stop asking. Use your abilities." Matt tells Rick Worthy he's going to check in the bathroom, but Sylon's there too. He wants to help solve the crime, because he thinks he would have been an excellent cop. Matt quickly resigns himself to accepting help from someone IN HIS BRAIN. That makes about as much sense as everything else on this show. Sylon says that something doesn't fit in this picture and shows Matt a fuzzy toy bunny on the floor (they call it a "stuffed rabbit," but that might imply taxidermy instead of toys), and Sylon says something much worse than drugs goes on at this place.

Peter enters an office at the hospital and none other than our deaf girl who sees sound is sitting there, with headphones on. He starts telling her he needs a file, and she points to a sign on her desk that says all requests must be submitted in writing. He says it will just take a second, it's his accident report, and could she type it in? She just smiles and hands him a pen and clipboard. He's like, "Seriously?" And then he flirts with her as he fills out the forms, but she can't hear anything, of course. He thinks he's being ignored, until he sees her headphones aren't attached to anything. He asks who she's listening to, and points at her headphones. She sees they're not plugged in, and he's all, "It's cool. I like that band too." She knocks her tea cup off the desk and it shatters and glows sort of orangey-red to her. She looks at it in puzzlement and Peter wonders for two seconds if she's okay, but then sees the accident report, which tells him that the guy who's suing him is in physical therapy right now. Because, you know, accident reports list the full schedules of all people involved in the accident.

Peter walks into what is apparently a physical therapy room in the same hospital and asks the guy inside if he's William Hooper. He says yes, but we quickly see it's Samuel. He looks ominously at Peter, who scoffs and then -- after commercial -- says he's never met William before, so there must be some mistake. Samuel gives him details of the crash and adds, "You were fast. So fast. Negligent." He says Peter dislocated his arm. Peter says he remembers everyone who was on the bus, and he wasn't on it. He wonders if William's trying to scam him because he recognizes his family name and, therefore, money. Samuel says he doesn't want money; he wants empathy -- get it? -- since he lost his brother, Joseph, he's all alone. He just wants to take care of his family, but he can't on account of Peter. Peter says this was a mistake, and he'll let the lawyers handle it. Samuel asks if he hasn't been spread so thin from all of his extra shifts (he pretends his lawyer already checked into Peter) that he might not have noticed Samuel on the bus. Peter, ever sure of himself, says it's not possible. He storms out.

He walks by, but doesn't see, our new deaf "hero" in with her doctor (or nurse?), played by Louise Fletcher. Dr. Ratched tells Emma she's not going blind, and there's nothing wrong with her eyes. Emma asks what's wrong with her then, and Dr. Ratched asks if anyone else saw the lights and Emma snits -- via ASL, which is pretty great -- that, yes, she asked people if they could see Aurora Borealis in her coffee cup. Dr. Ratched asks Emma if she's heard of synesthesia, in which people with a missing or weakened sense can start to have heightened other senses. Dr. Ratched describes it as, "People say they can smell words, or hear numbers." She says it's very common, and could be happening to Emma. As Emma gets up to leave, Dr. Ratched tells her she's completely disengaged, filing records when she could be treating patients. She asks why Emma wears the headphones, and Emma says she doesn't want people asking for her phone number, or directions to the Statue of Liberty, then she actually speaks, "Hey!" Because Dr. Ratched looks away, which is pretty rude to do to someone who speaks in sign. Then she say she doesn't want to see their faces when they're all, "Oh... she's deaf." She puts her headphones back in and leaves.

Bennett lunch. They're having Indian food, which Claire makes the "stink face" at. Gretchen whispers that she might not like some of the food, so Claire shows her how to spit food into her napkin. Gretchen says she's very good at hiding things. Bennett tunes back in to the conversation and asks Gretchen's major. She says physiology and biomechanics, which upsets Claire because she thought it was art history, and you never want your crazy stalker to lie to you about anything. Gretchen says she changed her mind because she has a new obsession: how the human body works. Or, actually, her new obsession is Claire. She tells Bennett she saw this girl on YouTube who totally can't feel any pain, and she's practically been cloistered by her parents. Gretchen asks HRG what he does, and he says, "Retired. But I'm always finding new reasons to go back to work." Awesome. I hope HRG has her killed, so he can move on to something better. Because have they really decided this is the best use of Bennett? It's not even the best use of Claire, and she's never been all that useful.

Drug house. Pink bunny's sitting with Sylon, who's trying to help Matt solve the crime. Rick Worthy leaves to check out the garage and the suspect watches Matt talk to what appears to be himself. Sylon won't help Matt now, though; instead he psychoanalyzes him, telling him that Janice and his kid will never love him. The suspect swears he's innocent, but Matt finds a box cutter and a magazine with letters cut out of it. Then he finds a ransom letter made with those letters. It says something about "She dies or $200,000." Sylon wonders if Matt's man enough to save the girl. Recycled storyline alert!

Back at lunch, Gretchen tells HRG how good this food was, and gets up to use the restroom. HRG tells Claire he needs to contact the Haitian to clean up this mess Claire's made. He pulls out his phone, but Claire's like, "Hey! Gretchen is not the enemy." Claire says she's the only friend she's made, and she can handle this herself. He asks what Claire's plan is, and as he starts to dial, she tells him to stop, threatening to lose contact with him if he does it. She'll handle this herself. He puts his phone away as Gretchen comes back. It makes me angry how pointless everything about this storyline is.

Speaking of, Matt's storming toward the suspect asking where the girl is. The suspect's all, "What girl? There is no girl!" But Matt's overacting in his face about the ransom note, and Sylon's trying to get Matt to use his power. Matt does, or so it seems, and he hears, "She's under the stairs." Matt looks under the stairs and finds a dead girl. He comes back in and starts beating the crap out of the suspect. Rick Worthy comes in and asks what the hell Matt's doing, and Matt points Rick Worthy to the girl, but ... there is no girl. When Matt returns to see that, a clock starts ticking so we know it was all Sylon's work. There's no ransom note or pink bunny either. Matt look at Sylon, who says he used Matt's own power against him. Whatever. That's not actually possible, even in this world.

Peter's partner asks him if he's being sued. When Peter points out that guy wasn't even in the crash, Partner says he was according to his log, and the hospital is not going to take the fall on this; they'll blame Peter. It's a dislocated elbow, right? How much could that cost the hospital and/or the Petrellis? I think all will be okay. Peter says he's been nothing but committed as he looks at the lawsuit. Partner agrees Peter's always the first one on scene, and tells him that a couple people are floating the theory that Peter is causing the accidents for his glory-hounding. Peter says his partner knows him, and Partner's like, "And then you run off as soon as we get on scene. I'm your chauffer."

Samuel breaks into Peter's and touches the newspaper clipping about the accident. Peter arrives home, and Samuel hides. Peter looks at the clipping and sees Samuel outside the bus. Samuel's watching him from the door, where I presume he will at some point try to sneak out without Peter hearing? Instead of just looking on ominously? But instead we get a commercial.

We get our traditional Heroes music as Gretchen tells Claire she's sorry she was pushy, and she gets that she wanted to keep her

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