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To Stalk Or Be Stalked
secret. She says people used to call her "Retchin' Gretchen" (hey! I think I had that Garbage Pail Kid!) because she smelled like puke because of her bulimia. Claire can't believe kids would make that up, and Gretchen's like, "Yeah, that's it." How stupid is Claire? And, also, how stupid is this storyline? Gretchen starts to leave but Claire dumbly calls her back and says she wants to trust her, but that's always been hard. But she needs a friend, so Gretchen can go ahead and ask her anything she wants.

Peter catches up with Samuel walking in a park somewhere. Because people are so easy to find walking around in New York City. He wants to apologize to him, because he realizes he actually was on that bus. He's sorry he made a mistake, but he's going to make it right. Samuel says there's no need to concern himself, but Peter thinks there must be something he can do. Samuel wonders if he's ever lost a brother, and Peter says he hasn't, but he used to work hospice and help people through the worst pain imaginable. Does that answer Samuel's question, OR tell us anything new? What is with all the pointless dialogue? It's even worse than usual. Samuel says he grew up nearby and thought he might go home, but he can't bring himself to go. Too many bad memories mixed in with the good. Samuel says he can't find any solace anywhere. Peter talks about death, which is I guess where his hospice expertise comes in. Samuel asks why Peter became a paramedic, and Peter says he wanted to save lives instead of watching them pass. Samuel tells Peter he's exactly who he wanted him to be, and Peter looks puzzled for a moment as they SHAKE HANDS. Until Samuel says he's dropping the lawsuit. Peter doesn't seem to know he's picked up a new power, as he just tells Samuel he should probably visit home since he came all this way (from where, Peter? Do you even know? Also, if Samuel grew up in New York, what's with the Irish accent? So many questions that I know will never be answered). Samuel says he thinks he just might.

Samuel leaves, walking by a cello player and then by Emma, who can see the cello player's shiny, red sound. We get mostly silence while Emma looks on in shock and then the cellist stops playing and leaves his cello sitting there while he goes to buy a hot dog or something. He's within eyeshot, but Emma walks over to the cello and touches a string, which turns blue. Then she starts playing, and the strings all turn blue. The cellist comes back and watches her play, as we see a rainbow of colors come out of the strings. Wow, what a cool power. It does absolutely nothing except make her all smiley and happy. Peter's still sitting in the park, and hears the music, so he starts walking. Many people have gathered around to watch/hear her play, all smiling and loving it. Apparently more than they loved the actual cellist's playing, since no one had stopped to watch him. Peter's watching, too, but he looks grim and puzzled. Or maybe it's supposed to be flirty. It's hard to tell with him.

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