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To Stalk Or Be Stalked

Samuel shows up at a fancy gated home, and knocks on the door. A rich woman answers, and Samuel apologizes for bothering her, but says he grew up here. His father was the butler and his mother was the maid. His brother just died, and he was wondering if he could take a look around in the carriage house. The lady says they're in the middle of a dinner party, so this really isn't a good time. She apologizes for his loss, but I'm thinking that's not exactly going to appease Samuel.

Claire and Gretchen are making small talk about how Claire can't get drunk (which is a fun little reminder of all those shots she took last season). Apparently Claire heals too fast to get drunk. Gretchen creepily says she wants to see "it," and Claire's like, "What? The healing?" Gretchen: "If that's not crossing a line." Me: "IT IS!" Claire tells her the hand's always the favorite and gives Gretchen scissors to cut it. Gretchen says she's never done this before, and Claire's all, "I would hope not." Then she pretends it hurts when Gretchen slices her hand, but it doesn't. She heals, and then her phone rings. She has to take it. Gretchen watches Claire walk into the hall to take the call, clearly in love with her, or something. If this character were male, we'd all be creeped out, right? Well, I am anyway. She is scary and weird and will probably end up being a villain (let's hope).

Claire answers and doesn't let her dad talk, just telling him that she has it under control, and she told Gretchen everything. She knows he'll be mad, but this is her choice, since it's not just them anymore and she's going to have friends and boyfriends and all of that. On the other end, HRG's looking at a picture of the two of them, and asks if she rehearsed that speech. She says she did, and he says it was good. He apologizes for being a bit harsh at the restaurant, and Claire's like, "A bit?" He acknowledges two bits. He says he looks at her and sees his Claire-bear, and has an instinct to protect her, but he realizes she's growing up and he can't really do that anymore. He says he knows she can handle her problems, and he'll try to worry about himself now. They say good night and hang up. The only hope I have for this storyline is that it drives HRG back to doing something interesting.

Claire gets off the phone and asks Gretchen to be her roommate. Gretchen thinks rooming with Claire is way better than her boring roommate who smells like pickles. They shake on it, all "Roomie." Whatever, show. No one cares.

Drug house. It looks like maybe Matt killed the suspect? I don't know. I can't tell, but he's lying there all bloody in the chair. Rick Worthy says he can't see any way out of this, and Matt needs to find himself a damned good lawyer. Matt says this is going to ruin his life, and Rick Worthy's all, "Sorry." Matt says he is too, and he stands up and gives Rick Worthy his chip, then uses his power to tell Rick Worthy that nothing happened here. He says the suspect attacked Rick Worthy, and Matt stopped him, that's all. Rick Worthy says he'll go call it in. When he leaves, Sylon's standing behind him and says he's proud of Matt for becoming more like him. He tells Matt all of the days of his life can be like this, or they can go find Sylon's body.

Peter and his partner are walking together toward whatever crime scene they're at. The fire department is there, and apologizes to Peter and Partner for making "you boys" come out. Three people died, but it could have been a lot worse. Peter asks what happened, and the fire department guy is like, "Sink hole." Peter: "Sink hole?" They walk forward and see a big hole in the Earth where apparently that fancy house Samuel grew up outside of used to be. Samuel's looking on ominously, and then Peter feels some sort of pain and sees a compass tattoo on his arm, and the needle starts spinning. Close-up of Samuel's evil eyes, and then it's over.

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