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To Stalk Or Be Stalked

Okay, so what exactly is going on with this show? Please tell me when you figure it out.

Next week: Tracy is back with the governor. Don't care. Lydia's showing Samuel Bennett's tattoo face, but Samuel wonders why since he retired. Don't care. Bennett's looking badass, dressed in black and with some purpose. This part, I like. Nathan tells Peter he's seeing memories that aren't his. Don't care. Angela says Nathan hasn't been himself lately. Don't care. Someone kills "Nathan" and puts him in a hole in the ground. Uh-oh. That's probably going to awaken the Sylar within. Can't decide if I should care about this, but I think I do anyway.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, can't hear colors or do anything else this show might call a superpower. You can contact her at twopmodmars@gmail.com.

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