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An Eclipse! An Eclipse!

Arthur comes into Mohinder's lab to ask after his progress. By way of answering, Mohinder points out his latest test subject, and we don't see much of him at this point, but for those familiar either with H.G. Wells or the X-Men universe, the word "Morlock" will undoubtedly come to mind. Arthur then notices that Mohinder's got images of an eclipse up on his computer screen, and Mohinder tells him that most of the powers he's documented manifested during that event. Except for the ones that had already manifested (all the ElderHeroes, for example), and the ones that manifested later (just about any character introduced after Season One; Monica comes to mind), and those that were synthetically made (Nathan and Tracy had nothing to do with the eclipse), so whatever, show. However, given that Mohinder seems to believe his own statement, his follow-up of "It's probably just a coincidence" officially makes him the WORST SCIENTIST EVER. Even turning himself into a spider was not as bad as this statement, but without it Arthur wouldn't have cause to stare meaningfully at the screen for eight hundred years. Mohinder babbles that he thought he had succeeded in combining his research and that of Pinehearst, but he thinks there's a catalyst missing that would allow the serum to bond with each individual's enzymes and OH MY GOD why am I bothering with the "science" of this? The point is that the catalyst would have to reside in a human host, so Arthur intones, "You're saying this catalyst isn't something, it's someone." He realizes that Kaito must have hidden the catalyst, and leaves Mohinder to look at the destruction he's wrought on his poor subject. On the plus side, Arthur can keep him around to use in those empathy tests of which he's apparently so fond.

Sylar's shirt has seen better days, and he rests on his hands and knees as Elle grits that she'll kill him for murdering her father. He tells her that she deserves her vengeance, and he'll take whatever she's got, so she zaps him again with the full force of her electrical anger. You'd think his eyebrows would fall out under the assault, except I always figured those things had superpowers of their own.

Daphne and Matt have made it to Primatech, and Daphne, noting the empty halls, opines that it's "like a ghost town." On cue, Matt sees NeoIsaac standing silently down the hall, and for that to happen you'd think she'd at least have had to chant his name five times while looking in a mirror. NeoIsaac moves, and Matt chases after him...

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