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An Eclipse! An Eclipse!

Waffles upon waffles arrive at the table amid the sound of crashing pins, and those are easily the most interesting things to happen in the scene, in which Ando tries to get Hiro to stay on point and Hiro acts like a ten-year-old who's had thirty too many sodas as he and some girls at the next table shoot spitballs at each other. Ando eventually succeeds in getting Hiro to freeze time, although his first attempt only slows it down. Upon a successful second attempt, then, Hiro follows Bart-Simpson-as-Stretch-Dude's superhero code of "I must only use this power to annoy!" and runs around fucking frozen people up, so when he restores time, some dude sits in ketchup and another falls over because his shoes are suddenly tied together. Ando's amused until he tries to salt his fries and the whole shaker empties out, upon which he intones, "We've got a lot of work to do." No argument here, especially if you're including the writers and producers.

Daphne returns to Matt and tells him she couldn't find anyone, and he opines that he's got to try to get inside Angela's head, as if he was doing something different when he got that mental bitchslap earlier. Daphne asks if he could possibly get hurt, and he admits that he doesn't know. He asks her to keep an eye on him, as he might "disappear for a while," and he takes Angela's hand. His consciousness seems to slip away, and as Daphne anxiously asks if he can hear her...

...we cut to Elle, who's still freaking the hell out on Sylar, calling him a murderer and zapping him to the floor. Sylar calmly tells her he didn't want to kill Bob, or anyone, as she should well know from what we saw last week. Especially since she wasn't around in Season One to see Sylar practically tap-dancing on the corpses of the people he offed. He stands and says he's not going to let the hunger control him anymore, and Elle replies by lighting him up again and shrieking that she'll kill him. When she pauses, though, he steps forward once more and says he understands. "You need to let it out." After some more zappy-zap and Christ imagery, Sylar's shirt has finally had all it can take, and as they look up from the floor, Elle, her energy spent, listlessly invites Sylar to kill her before putting more energy into adding, "Please!" She cries as Sylar points his finger toward her and into a commercial break.

Outside Pinehearst, Nathan is mumbling to Tracy about the name of the company coming from some spot in the Berkshires to which Arthur took him and Peter fishing or some nonsense. Tracy looks like she just overdosed on antihistamines as she asks Nathan if he's sure he wants to go in, pointing out there might be a reason Arthur hasn't contacted him. Nathan, however, says that his father has influenced every decision in his life. "If he's alive, I've got to see him."

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