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An Eclipse! An Eclipse!

Cut to Nathan...well, seeing him. Arthur invites Nathan to give him a hug, but Nathan is of course smarter than Peter, so he keeps his distance as Tracy and Arthur shake hands. Nathan asks if he has any idea what he's done to the family and to him. Arthur: "Hindsight being twenty-twenty, I should have told you sooner what your role was in all this." That's a really convoluted way of expressing the "I'm sorry you feel that way" non-apology. Arthur dismisses Tracy, and once she's gone, he tells Nathan that his destiny is to lead the nation, but Nathan isn't falling for this crap, and calls his father insane. Arthur tells Nathan that he's always been his favorite. "The one most like me. The strong one. The one who would never, ever become a male nurse." He tells Nathan they can save the world, and that can be the Petrelli legacy. He then puts a hand on Nathan's shoulder, which brings to mind another part of the Petrelli legacy.

Instead of cutting her head open, Sylar releases Elle from her bonds, and then gets up and goes to her. As I mentioned, he's now fully shirtless, which I suppose is the logical last step in him taking Peter's place. Elle's still having trouble controlling her power, and commands him to kill her and take it. She begs him: "Kill me and make the pain stop." Sylar sinks to his knees and says he wants to make it stop, but he's not going to kill her. I think he's supposed to be exuding empathy, but even an actor as good as Quinto is going to have a tough time selling that through eyebrows bushier than you'd find on a Sesame Street character. Elle tells him that he's a monster, just like her, but Sylar tells her that her father made her this way, just like his mother made him. "We were never good enough for them, Elle!" Ugh, horrible line. He adds that she wanted to be normal -- she just didn't know how, and that she gave him the will to live. When she tells him even that came from an evil place, he says she was following orders. "But I forgive you. Now you need to forgive yourself." He touches her, and she gasps in shock as she realizes the pain is gone. Sylar's stunned too, as he holds up a now-crackling hand, and they look at each other in wonder and happiness. I'd get grossed out, but at least I like these two.

Knox and Flint are still dragging Claire away through the sewers when Peter appears in their path and threatens them with death if they don't let Claire go. They're not particularly scared, so Peter looks up COMPLETELY OBVIOUSLY at this gas that's leaking from an exposed pipe between him and his enemies before goading Flint into taking a shot at him. Knox smells the gas and tries to stop Flint, but he's too late, and Claire is live to the situation, running under the resultant wall of flame to her uncle as Knox and Flint go reeling back. Of course, I'd expect Flint to be impervious to fire just like Meredith is, but he's also an idiot so I'm not going to question his reaction. When the fire recedes, Flint and Knox get to their feet, but Peter and Claire are long gone.

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