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An Eclipse! An Eclipse!

In the aftermath of Elle and Sylar's connection, she tells him no one's ever done anything like that for her before. You mean no one has ever used his empathy-based mutant ability to relieve the blinding pain caused by your own mutant powers mysteriously misfiring? Or, you know, some such? I find that hard to believe. Sylar senses that being human is to be at war with yourself, and the trick is finding a way to live with that. They then each have some Fun With Zappy Hands, so I guess Sylar never needed to kill to take someone else's power -- he's now learning to do so through empathy. I cannot believe I just typed that sentence. Also, empathy aside, did he just magically make Elle forget he killed her dad? Or is she just riding the wave of having forgiven herself? Whatever, Bell and Quinto are great but the writing in this entire subplot has been flirting with an "I don't like sand" level of uninspired ridiculousness, so let's just say that Elle teaches Sylar a thing or two about using her power, which gives him a chance to flex his arms and other things, and then they gaze soulfully into each other's eyes as Arthur watches them impassively on a monitor, like, wasn't Matt trying to wake your wife up about half an hour ago?

Ando is telling Hiro how to use his power, which is completely ridiculous for reasons too numerous to list, but it nonetheless works, and once Hiro figures out the teleportation thing, they pop out of there...

...to a comic-book store, which Hiro says is "the source of all knowledge." If the writers actually believed that, we might have a better show.

As they exit Pinehearst, Nathan is telling Tracy that Arthur wants to give half the population superpowers so they can save the world together, with Nathan as President. If I gave you a page to talk about how nonsensical that is, do you think it would be enough? Tracy reminds him that he's a U.S. Senator, and it's nice of her to bring that up considering he hasn't spent ONE MINUTE in D.C. since he fucking got appointed, and she orders him to get himself together. He tells her to head to Washington and cover for him while he goes to Primatech to see his mother, and takes off into the sky. That, I never get tired of, and I think Tracy agrees with me...

...but inside, she comes back in to see Arthur. Without looking up, he speculates that she wants him to take away her power, but she smiles that she's actually getting used to it before telling him she thinks they can help each other, and asking him just to look out for her "once the dust settles." He doesn't seem interested until she brings up the fact that he has a "PR problem," and for his plan to succeed, he needs a public face, and it can't be him, because the world thinks he's dead. However, she thinks Nathan would be a workable substitute and that she can get him to agree to do it. So she's suddenly over her guilt and is back to being a political opportunist? I mean, her guilt was certainly boring, but this development seems a little sudden and dramatically unsatisfying. She may be an expert on spin, but any way you look at it, this is a manipulation and a betrayal of the guy that saved her life. She concludes, "You scratch my back, and I will make sure he lands on the right side." Arthur smiles, because what else is there to do when someone tosses metaphors into the Cuisinart and hits "puree"?

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